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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Will this Winter Ever End?!?! : Balling in the Winter

I can't wait for warmer weather!!! It's 3 degrees one day, 61 degrees the next,then 3 degrees again! 

Mother nature , stop playing with my emotions!

Any-who,here are some of my favorite looks for this, seems like, endless winter season!

Like in my first post,I talked about how much the average person spends a day on an outfit.I almost NEVER pay retail for any article of clothing that I own, thus, I usually don't come close spending the average.So, from now on I will give the total of how much my out fit of the day cost! This will give you an idea of how much I pay for my outfit of the day.



Coat- H&M
Sweater- Forever 21
Jeans- American Eagle
Boots- DSW


Coat- Nautica
Shirt- n/a 
Jeans- Levi's
Boots- Aldo


Coat- Guess, $50
Sweater- Brooklyn Indutries, $30
Dress: Earl Salko, $50
Tights- Uniglo, $6
Shoes- BDG, $10
Total:$ 146.00

What's your favorite winter look?

Photo Credits: Chelsea Colatriano

Sunday, March 9, 2014

How Does One Ball One A Budget?

Before diving wallet first into balling...Let's ask ourselves this one question: How does one "Ball" while on a Budget?

Well,here are a few commandments that I've learned to follow:

I. Thou shall not compare ones budget to another.
Everyone' s income differs, therefore don't think you can ball like a celebrity when you have the income of a college student!
  • Learn to be scrappy...According to The average woman's daily outfit (including undergarments and accessories) cost $ 1,700 while the average man's in about $1,600.
Remember that's the average!!!!

Now not everyone spends this much on their outfits, there are ways to achieve a certain look without even coming close to breaking the bank.

II. Thou Shall  Not Consume What Thou Doth Not Need.
  • Prioritize your spending.... If something is out of your Balling Budget or If you don't need ... DON'T BUY IT!!!! Buyers Remorse is a real thing!!!  

  •  Learn to distinguish buying the things you need vs. the things you want.... Like my momma always said, "If you can't buy it retail, buy it on sale!" If it's not on sale, it will soon be in a thrift store or a consignment shop!

III. Honor your Fellow Baller!
  •  Own your look.... Beauty is in the eye of the Styler!
  •   Don't Hate .... Not everyone's style was meant to mix, but don't put down a fellow baller because their look differs from yours. 

  • Recycle, renew, Reuse.... Just like the seasons, our styles change, and we then begin new chapters of balling, so here are some tips for the clothes you no longer care for:  
    • Donate! Knowledge, and items what you don't need , so that your fellow Baller can pay it forward.
    • Restore!  Have a clothing swap or a yard sale in order to extend to life of your items 
    • Reinvent! By researching D.I.Y.s on places like Pinterest, Youtube, or your local craft stores!!!

Break these commandments at your own risk, for you are the only person who'll deal with the consequences.