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Sunday, March 1, 2015

How To Dress Like the '50s... According to Masters Of Sex

Not only do I love the show, but I love the style almost even more, so I did a little dress up

And guess what, it's so easy to mimic their style!

Stay tuned while I show you four looks that I put together, their inspiration and teach you how to create them using your OWN clothes! :)

Look #1 The Secretary 

What are they all looking at???

How to do it:
  • High waist (The staple of any look on this show!)
  • Body forming bottoms and structured tops
  • Hair pulled back from the face (I chose a low bun to accentuate my secretary-ness)
  • High collar or collared shirt buttoned to the top
  • One piece of elegant jewelry
Play with color on this one! I went for a dark color palette but Virginia from the show spices up her work wardrobe with gorgeous pops of tangerine, red and cobalt!
Seriously. What is she looking at now?

Look #2 Around the House


How to do it:
  • Picture yourself playing tennis at a country club or on a yacht
  • This is one of the few times where wearing pants was acceptable for women
  • Oxford flats or a variation
  • Hair pinned back
  • Relaxed shirts (unbuttoned) 

Look #3 The Female Flower

Inspired my the most adorable character Vivian Scully, she epitomizes the average growing girl, fashionable, eager to please and haven't a clue about sex. Poor thing.

This was my favorite from the sheer overindulgence of it all. 
How to do it:
  • Soft (baby-like) color palette. (I went for neutrals because those were the only colors in my closet lol)
  • Swooping, coiffed curly hair
  • Matchy matchy. Makes sure everything matches--but in a sophisticated way. I matched my brown belt to my purse and heels and matched my khaki gloves to my skirt (adorable, I know)
  • Go crazy with the heels. This is a look of over femininity, so pull out those spike toes and diva heels
  • Devil in the details! Go for texture, chunky knits, braided/textured belts, intricate brooches etc.

Look #4 Sexy Entrepreneur Bitch (2 Variations)


How to do it:
  • Dark color palette
  • Think Coco Chanel or Kathryn Hepburn
  • Tailored and well fitted clothes, especially a blazer
  • Neatly coiffed and elegant updo
  • Similar to the Secretary but more powerful and commanding
One last thing!

Act the Part

It's not enough to simply dress up like you're in the 1950s, you have to FEEL like you're in the 1950s... minus the racism... and sexism. Ok, I guess what we mean is, get your mannerisms down. Women in the 1950s were very in touch with their sensuality as females believe it or not, so practice being flirtatious and bubbly.

Because the 50s was such an oppressive time for women, I thought that those feelings would rub off on the clothing I wore, but I was very surprised at how sexy and powerful I felt in these outfits! I'm definitely incorporating them into my everyday wear.

Hope this helped. Please let me know what other TV and movie looks you'd like me to tackle in the comments below :)