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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Secrets About YOU in your Magazines



MATURE: It's no lie that Time magazine is for the older generation, or other words, people who are old as shit. So either you're old as shit, or your soul is. Take your pick.

INTELLECTUAL: Going along with being old as shit, with age should hopefully come knowledge, and Time Magazine is full of some very complex and wordy articles.

POLITICALLY CONSCIOUS: You're more than likely interested in some sort of politics, or else you'd just be reading People or Cosmo for that matter.


BORING: Sorry to tell you, but the chances are that you are a little bit boring if you read this magazine, maybe because you're too much of an intellectual... we can't tell you.

STUFFY: No offense, but you probably take life (and yourself) a little too seriously. We say, lighten up. It's okay to relax a little.



MUSIC FANATIC: You're passionate about music. You're probably a musician yourself or would like to be. We love your enthusiasm.

EDGY: Rolling Stone is a bad ass magazine. Point Blank. You gotta be a bad ass to read bad ass material! And let's face it, isn't there something ultra bad ass about being a musician!

HIPPIE/HIPSTER: There's about a 87% chance that you read Rolling Stone just for the underground artists.


OBSESSIVE: We've all seen it, how the love for music can spill over into obsession. And no one can obsess like musicians!... or gamers... just saying.

ABRASIVE: Everybody's got their opinions, but sometimes you guys take it over board, especially when it comes to knowing those obscure Indy rock bands.

HIPPIE/HIPSTER: It's an 87% chance that you read Rolling Stone just to brag about the underground artists that you already heard of.


The real houses of Dundalk


DETAIL ORIENTED: This is great! Not many people have the patience or mindset to work out all the little details. And Home and Garden is all about putting small pieces together to get the big picture.

DO IT YOURSELF: If you're reading Home and Garden, chances are you're the kind of person who gets up and just does it! This magazine is meant to make big jobs easier so that everyone who wants to do it... can!


FICKLE: One drawback is that with all the projects you start, how many do you really finish? You might be one of those people who jumps around from concept to concept, leaving everything unfinished.

METICULOUS: It's never good when you take detail too far. We can't plan everything.



HEALTH CONSCIOUS: It's nice to find a man who knows that he has to treat his body well. ;)

HEALTH INFORMED: You are probably generally more informed about things like Prostate cancer and testosterone levels than your non Men's Health reading counterparts. Hurray for knowledge!

CONFIDENT: Chances are you're a more confident guy because you're taking your health and your body by the reins! Men's Health is great for giving men the tools they need to feel good about themselves.


CARB PINCHER: Not just women count calories and avoid carbs, men do it do, and a magazine like this might even enforce it.

MANEREXIC:  Carb pinching gone wrong. Some people may take Men's Health's Diet plans to the extreme and start creating their own methods.



PRIDE: Ebony is all about black pride, and if you read this magazine... or even heard of it for that matter, than you care a lot about culture, history and advancement of black people.

LOYAL: This stems from your pride in black culture. If you have a strong enough pride in something, you will be loyal to it. That's basic human instincts right there!


CLOSED MINDED: You might not be so open to trying new things or meeting different types of people because you feel comfort and dependence with your own culture.

JUDGMENTAL: A lot of people who read these type of specified magazines are sometimes judgmental and don't accept outsiders and things they don't understand.



SUAVE: From all the "guy tips" you get from GQ, you're probably smooth as hell! 

CONFIDENCE SEEKER: It's not a bad thing to want to have more confidence in yourself, especially as a modern man. GQ is the perfect solution for those who want to gain a little confidence boost.


COCKY: With all the "guy tips" you got, you probably think your God's gift to women... chances are you're not.

LOW CONFIDENCE: You may look like you think you're the shit, but inside you're probably boiling over with insecurities.

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