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Thursday, July 31, 2014

What Items Will Keep YOU cool this summer? #TBT

 The dog days of summer are upon us and for #ThrowbackThursday we're throwing back to
2 stylish/edgy items that will keep you looking and feeling cool! :D

First up is the good ole 90s CROP TOP!

There are 3 ways to achieve this look.
Click on the link below for the full article to find out how!!

The second item is the grungy Kurt Cobain ripped DENIM JACKET!

Click the link below to view the full article!!

Tell us about what stylish items you wear that keeps you cool during this hot summer!

Leave your comment in the comment section below!!

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Catch ya later!!
Love ya!!! :D

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Events, TV, and Radio

If you've followed me (Portia D.) On my IG:Portiaofdeporian, then you know I've had a few interactions with the media just within the last month! So I figured I'd give you the inside scoop, and of course let you know what I was wearing to get me noticed ;)

1. Fox Gossip News in LA

Yes, I got spotted walking along Hollywood and Highland Blvd, home of the famous Chinese Theatre and Hollywood Stars! The reporter (a woman who knows impeccable style of course!) snatched me up as soon as she saw me, exclaiming "ooh, can we interview you?!" I said, "hell yeah!" 

What I got spotted in: 
For more photos, check out our post: Deporian Takes Over Hollywood! or follow me on IG!

We wound up gossiping about Justin Bieber. I'll never forget her face when she asked, "what's the first word that comes to mind when you think of Justin Bieber?" And I said "lesbian" I think I saw her eyes roll out of her head right onto the Hollywood Stars! But, to my defense, if a knows the Tumblr "lesbians who look like Justin Bieber" you know my response was very warranted!

2. Curves Rock Fashion Show-Baltimore Hyatt Regency

I worked as an assistant to the lovely Tiffany Jeffers of Sylk Cosmetics, and along the way I met so many talented women starting their own businesses!

Here are a few!

Name: Black Sheep Cosmetics
What she offers: Custom, bold and all natural makeup! 

Jessie, the owner and her daughter were so nice and funny! I spent most of the day with them, so much that they began to feel like a second family :).

Name: New Vintage by Sam
What she offers: Beautiful hand crafted beaded jewelry

Sam was so cute and friendly, and of course I adored her hair and style!

Look at that hair! I was in love!!!

Name: Fly Nerd 
What she offers: Quirky silk screened T's matched with gorgeous floral print

Name: Liberated Art
What she offers: hand crafted jewelry in a slew of enchanting alternative materials!

Alisha was so down to earth! I loved chatting with her and look forward to perhaps collaborating in the near future ;)

3. 104.3

This one just fell in my lap, but 104.3 visited the restaurant I work at (Venti Tre Modern Italian) to promote. I wound getting a free shirt which I plan to customize!

4. CBS Philly

This happened just yesterday while Derris and I took a day trip to Philadelphia to relax and visit a few friends.

The reporter approached us as we reclined in Rittenhouse Square. She interviewed us about the new OK Cupid social experiment scandal but she and her camera man were so sweet and funny we talked about just about everything else!

Watch Derris and I on

That's it... for now
Love ya :) 

Monday, July 28, 2014

How to pull off Baseball Chic in an Alternative Way?!?

 Its that time of the week again...yeah you know, it's #ModelMonday!! :D

Here are some looks Portia D. and Derris Montgomery style together to achieve the baseball look in an alternative way! 

These looks can be pull off even if you don't necessarily have baseball gear.

The Striped Cardigan
A simple striped cardigan can make your style go from plain to baseball chic! 


The Baseball Shirt
Not everyone may have this item BUT the thrift store has several of these old-looking baseball shirts to choose from!

Look #3
The Varsity Jacket
The simple look of this jacket easily makes you look like you are apart of sports team. Wear a black and white jacket to successfully achieve this look!
But don't be afraid to explore with colors!
Have fun with accessories as well! 

Look #4
The Varsity Jacket Part Deux!

If you loved this post, which we know you did, check out our "Of the Dolls" (Click the link) series!

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Love ya!!! :D

Friday, July 25, 2014

Deporian Has A Dark Side?!?!

We embrace all styles and one style that we like to dabble in is the dark style, a.k.a gothic!

Some think being gothic isn't stylish BUT we think to differ!

Click the links below the photos for the full articles!!

Check out our "vampire-esque" photo-shoot!

Did you get that Adam's Family feeling too?!?!

Portia D.'s  stunning gothic makeup!

Black lipstick is the way to go!!

And taking is back to Summer 2013, Our sexy, dark, creepy video Entrapment!

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Catch ya later!! And

Love ya :)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our "How to" #ThrowbackThursday!! Ripped Jeans Edition!!

 Ripped jeans will never go out of style! Having at least one pair in your wardrobe will give it the edge it needs. Ripped jeans can easily turn you from looking basic into a bada**!!!

For #ThrowbackThursday let's take it back to one of our 1st how to's, where we showed you guys how to make your own custom-made ripped jeans!!! :D

It's so simple and easy, that you may never buy another pair of ripped jeans from the store again!!

Oh gosh! Look at how young Derris Montgomery looks!Now that's a throwback! haha

Click on the link below to check out the full article on how to make your own ripped jeans!!

If you liked this article, check out how to dress like a ROCKSTAR!! Click on the link below!!!! :D

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Love ya :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Introducing: The Turn up Survival Kit

***Caution/WARNING: This post is for those who aren't afraid/know how to read... if you don't well... damn, that's just sad***

DOUBLE WARNING-This product has been banned in 6 continents, but through a one time offer has become available for purchase online.

For #turnuptuesday we have something special for all the thots, ratchets and general turnup population!

The Turnup Survival Kit!
Just because you turn up, doesn't mean you gotta look tore up!

A product of Thotgear inc.

What the kit provides:

#1 Scrunchie

For when you hair goes from looking like this...

...To this 

#2 Cute flats

Preferably TOMS (or FOMS/Fake TOMS) or Vans. They slip on easy, perfect for those who can barely stand upright, even better for those already unconscious!

#3 Shades

As dark as possible, to hide the red eyes and unfocused gaze

Go from this:
To this: 

... Even if you're actually sleeping 

#4 A mans plaid shirt: 

(For the ladies) to wrap around your waist because you've surely exposed your ass to the world at large in your sausage dress by now. (For the fellas) as an extra shirt, because you've no doubt lost it somewhere in the pursuit of sex. And cuz you probably sweated out your last shirt.

#5 Backpack

To hold it all inside, cuz a clutch will just get lost and you know it, and there aren't enough baggy pockets in the world!

If that doesn't convince you, check out this testimonial from a *real life customer!

"I used to be a serious Thot, and everybody knew it, until I got the Turnup Survival Kit! Now I'm still a Thot, but the only one who knows it is me... And my baby daddies :)"

*This is not from a real customer

There ya have it folks, don't be this chick next time you feel like turning up! 

Order NOW! 

5 easy payments of $99.99 (if you think that's too high, think about the price of getting your lock recored, replacing keys and IDs, canceling bank cards, and the unrelenting humiliation of being "that stank bitch")
Now accepting lay-away plans and food stamps!