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The Jo Bro's?

The Po Bro's
...and yes, this IS a parody of the Jonas Brothers

Learn more about the method behind the madness that is THE PO BRO'S

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Q: What's the deal with them?

A: They are the Disney pop group The Jonas Brothers if they were mainly girls and androids.

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                 Presley                      M. Jackson                      Menudo

Q: So who's who???

  • M. Jackson Po is Joe Jonas, played by Portia D.
  • Menudo Po is Nick Jonas played by LizBeth
  • Presley Po is Kevin Jonas played by Derris Montgomery

Q: How'd you come up with the names?

A: Based on how we thought they looked.
  • Joe Jonas=Michael Jackson
  • Kevin Jonas=Elvis Presley
  • Nick Jonas=Menudo 

    To see more of this photo shoot, click on the link: The Po Bro's--Menudo

    Q: Where'd the idea come from?

    A: Long story. I actually made a parody song back in 2009 to their "Hold On" single.

    Back then we actually made a music video one night when we were bored. We made some web videos, too. Maybe they will resurface themselves in the future, haha.

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    Q: Why did you choose to parody the Jonas Brothers in this way? Why androids?

    A: Well, no offense, but a lot of child stars seem like robots to me.

    Q: Start with the oldest, what's up with Presley Po aka Kevin Jonas?

    A: Presley Po is the oldest at 27. He has a glitch in his system that makes him say "Drooooid" randomly--which of course is a play on the cellphone The Droid.

    I made him so damned old, because people are always talkin' shit about how old Kevin Jonas is. In actuality, he's like 3 years older than his younger brother Joe Jonas.

    And since he's so freakin' old, he'd be the one with the glitch in his system.


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    Q: So what's with M. Jackson aka Joe Jonas?

    A: Well, we just tried to enhance the qualities that Jo Jonas already has, cocky, a little arrogant, and then we threw in a British accent because we were watching BBC that week.

    She's the bad boy/girl. The one who gets in all the unnecessary trouble--She goes to jail!  


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    Q: Is it true that The Po Bro's are hidden in some of the other blog posts?
    A: Yes. They show up in quite a few blog posts.
    Q: Why, I find that very interesting?
    A: We wanted to blur the line between reality and fiction, to give the characters more life. Like how Presley Po revealed in People Magazine that he finally got his glitch fixed.
    We want the Po Bro's to become a mythology in people's minds with a past, present and future.
    And the Jonas Brother's have so much material to work with!

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    Q: What happened to Menudo aka Nick Jonas?
    A: Oh, she's around. She's doing her own solo act right now, much like the real Nick Jonas, but you can see her in the parody poster of Camp Rock.

    Q: So are The Po Bro's leading the way for more Disney Channel parody's like the Demi Lovato parody in Camp Rocky?
    A: You bet your ass! Demi Lovato=Smiley Otto. We're getting ready for Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and you know we have our Twilight Parody
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