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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Street wear at the Mall

Deporian took a field trip to several malls to see what was hot on Baltimore's streets!

Store of the Day: Forever 21! THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN and the HOTTEST store is FOREVER 21

Briana Roberson

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Bare Feet
Shades: Luccaya
Earrings: Honeycomb Hideout
Headband: Coach

Makeup: "Baby Doll Pink" Sephora

La'Quana Dillon

Romper: Simply Fashion
Jacket: H&M
Necklace: 16
Earrings: Dots
Shoes: Macy's

Harry Wheeler (77)

Shirt: (Bahamas)
Pants: (Value City)
Shoes: ?
Hat: ? Gift

Jenaye Whitaker

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21
Hat: Icing
Bag: Aldos

Ebony Ellis (19)

Top: Macy's
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21
Bag: Arden B.

Rochak Chitrakar (24)

Shirt: Gap
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Banana Republic

Ashanti Smith

Jacket: JC Pennys
Skirt: Forever 21
Bag: Nine West
Shoes: Race Room
Glasses: Forever 21

Lashanda Chambers

Everything: Forever 21
Makeup: Mac
Lipgloss: NYX

Shanice Murrary

Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: Rainbow
Bracelet: ?
Shoes: Payless

What's Deporian Wearing???

Derris Montgomery (19)

Top: The Gap
Vest: Filene's Basement
Pants: 21 Men (Forever 21)
Shoes: 21 Men (Forever 21)
Scarf: Rainbow
Watch: Aflac

Yvon Dion (22)

Top: Rue 21
Vest: Rave
Shorts: Shoe City
Suspenders: Burlington Coat Factory
Boots: DSW
Custom Jewelry: Biloxi Bleau by Yvon Dion
Bag: Claire's
Headband: Claire's

LizBeth (15)

Top: Kohl's
Pants: Gallo
Owl Necklace: Kohl's
Shoes: Kohl's
Bangles: Dominican Republic
Heart Necklace: JC Penny's

Portia D. (19)

Shirt: Rachel and Chloe
Pants: Rue 21
Shoes: Rue 21
Bracelet: Claire's
Custom Necklace: Biloxi Bleau by Yvon Dion

Thanks to everyone who wore their best fashions to the mall! And thanks so much for allowing us to photograph and blog about you. 

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Photographers: Yvon Dion and Derris Montgomery

Friday, July 29, 2011

Just for TEENS!!!

LizBeth of Deporian brings the tips just for the TEENS out there!

#1 Don't go too HEAVY on the eyeliner!

Often teens wear too much eye liner, making them look like raccoons. Just wear enough to make the eyes pop!

Also, apply mostly to the INSIDE area of the lid and not the OUTSIDE under the lash line!

#2 Concealer/Foundation

The trick to concealers and foundation is to find the right brand that isn't thick or oily because you'll BREAK OUT! 

Then apply just enough to cover the surface of the skin. Make sure to get under the chin and ears!

We recommend Mary Kay, Neutrogena, and Dream Matte Mousse

RULE of Deporian: Go a DARKER shade in the summer because of tanning. Go a LIGHTER shade in the winter because of loss of tan.

#3 Bronzer

Most teens don't use bronzer, but trust me, make it your best friend! You'll look 10xs healthier and people will notice!

#4 Lip gloss!

RULE of Deporian: Don't go too shiny! Stick with your lip tone if your can or CLEAR.

#5 Go BOLD

Top: Deliah's
Shorts: American Eagle
Necklace: Beauty Supply Store
Bangles: Dominican Republic

Have at least one BOLD item in your closet, like bold stripes, colors, patterns or shapes.

#6 Inspiration

LizBeth goes to Seventeen Magazine and Teen Vogue for inspiration on makeup, hair, and clothes

Top: Kohl's


Photographer: Portia D.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Netpix--The TRUE STORY behind your favorite movies

The largest picture database on the web. 

Chose from your favorite movie posters, to see what your favorite movies are REALLY about!


Left to Right: Portia D., LizBeth, Yvon Dion, and Derris Montgomery

Audience: Only for those that can KEEP UP!

Synopsis: A team of talented dream investigators enter the mind of a very powerful McDonald's manager to stop him from expanding the McDonald's chain.

They go deeper and deeper into the subconscious of his mind until the audience also goes asleep and enters different layers of their minds, and then the world implodes.

Our Rating: 4.99 stars out of 5


Left to Right: LizBeth, Yvon Dion, Derris Montgomery and Portia D.

Audience: Only for those who can accept a story going from happy and light to dark and sinister.

Synopsis: A psychic girl (Mary Potter) and her three friends search the world to find the seven elixirs of life, while running away from the evil lizard villain (Vagimort).

Their search ensues for seven years until the secret is revealed that Mary Potter IS Vagimort.

The movie ends with Mary Potter in Frogwarts Home of the Criminally Insane for schizophrenia, realizing that she's imagined all of her friends and adventures.

Our Rating: 4.7 stars our of 5


Portia D. as Rosa and LizBeth as Jacky

Audience: For those who aren't afraid to CRY!

Synopsis: A tale of forbidden interracial love before docking the famous BRITANIC.

Around four hours in, the boat starts to sink, the lovers do a lot of running around.... Long story short, everybody dies.

Our Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


Right to Left: Derris Montgomery, Yvon Dion, Portia D., and LizBeth

Audience: Only for a teen who loves singing ALL THE TIME!

Synopsis: A teen girl with a really big mouth and an equally as big desire to sing, goes to an art camp in Philadelphia (Camp Rocky). 

There she meet the Android Pop sensation The Po Bro's, where they train her to become a good singer.

In the end she challenges an opponent to a sing out and blows her lungs out, never to sing again.

The movie features 175 songs, all now available on the Disney Soundtrack!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just For MEN!!!

Sorry ladies, but we've dedicated our time to helping the guys!!!

We present: Guy Tips from Derris Montgomery


#1 Roll Up Your Sleeves

Jacket: Rex
Shirt: Wal Mart
Jeans: American Eagle
Scarf: Rainbow
Belt: Steve and Barry's

DERRIS SAYS, "Rolling up my sleeves makes my forearms look and feel more muscular and defined.

We agree, and it's a much sexier, more rugged look ;)

#2 Accessories?

Owl Necklace: Vendor (Baltimore)
Vest: Filene's Basement
Watch: Aflac

DERRIS SAYS, "Accessories changes my seemingly ordinary outfits into well put together pieces.

WE SAY, "Hell yes! Accessories aren't just for the ladies anymore. There's nothing better than a man who has the confidence to complete his outfit with the perfect vest, watch, or necklace."

#3: Tailoring

Pants: Express
Shoes: Stacy Adams

Take your pants from baggy to fitted.

DERRIS SAYS," It's an inexpensive way to fit my clothes to me, and when clothes fit, they look their best.

WE SAY, "You should definitely do this with the dress pants you love the most. Make them a little skinner on your thigh, calf, and ankle and ROLL THEM UP at the bottom. You'll get a lot more turned heads.


#1: How to Roll Your Cuff

Step One: Flip the cuff up once.

 Step Two: Pull the sleeve up your arm

 Step Three: Roll the cuff until it looks like this.

#2 Ties

 Tie: Banana Republic

Here's a trick for when the skinny part of your tie sticks out.

Stuff it into the top part of your shirt. No one will ever know!


Photographer: Portia D.
Makeup Artist: Derris Montgomery
Makeup: Mary Kay, LA Colors

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pretty Little Divas (A Pretty Little Liars Parody)--Announcement

Portia D. as Ariel
LizBeth as Spence
Derris Montgomery as Emma

Portia D.: Dress: H&M
Tights: Target
Custom Necklace: Biloxi Bleau by Yvon Dion
Shoes: Fioni

LizBeth: Dress: Rue 21

Derris Montgomery: Top: The Gap
Pants: H&M

Here are the Pretty Little Divas that you love so much.

They are all being stalked by a mysterious texter "B"

But Heather had a slow provider

and didn't receive the text


 Yvon Dion as Heather 

Custom Top: "Revelations" by Portia D.
Tank: Rue 21
Pearls: Claire's
Bracelets: Hot Topic

And so "B" killed Heather.

David Beadenkopf as "B"

Top: TGI Max
Pants: TGI Max
Tie: Heirloom
Belt: TGI Max

Don't be caught dead with a slow provider

Get the Android Phone.

DISCLAIMER: The Android phone WILL NOT prevent death or injury, but it may cause radio active poisoning, electric shock, hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD, heart disease, pregnancy, and death.

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Photographers: David Beadenkopf and Portia D.
Makeup: Mary Kay, Urban Decay, Mac, NYX, Neutrogena

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Young Adult Wolf (A Teen Wolf Parody): Episode 8, Luny

See part one here: Young Adult Wolf


This week on Young Adult Wolf, 

Ty is being an over emotional tool over his breakup with the office secretary Aly, which we also still don't understand why that happened.

So Ty and Sty drown their sorrows in cheap alcohol. Ty continues his tool-like tendencies.

Ty does some fucked up shit to his best friend Sty by making out with the Vice President Liberty.

This is her "Look of Seduction" that she's been wearing all episode.

Is Ty giving her "Look of Seduction" to Sty???



Aly's all heartbroken and shit...?

We don't know why,

but she takes it out on Mistress Bear.

Meanwhile again...

Ty needs to chill out, he's hallucinating and shit,

That an office romance is happening 

between Aly and Jack.

But really she's just being nosy as hell,

But Ty's about to fuck everything up

until Derida comes back

and saves the day


But once again, the season's nowhere near finished,

so she explains everything in Portuguese,

and takes off her shirt.

 Portia D. as Ty

We guess he has to seem like he can't control being a tool without Derida.

Is that what this episodes about?

Top: Rue 21
Vest: Rainbow
Pants: Rue 21
Tie: Banana Republic
Shoes: Fioni

LizBeth as The Vice President Liberty

Pretending to be dumb even though she shows her superior intelligence every episode.

She also shows her unfaithfulness to her boyfriend Jack. Why are they together? Just get with Sty already!

Corset: Heirloom
Jacket: Rave Girl
Pants: Gallo
Shoes: Baker's
Necklace: JC Penny's

Derris Montgomery as Sty

Always a great friend and comic relief. 

But is he so good at his job, he'll never find a love interest?

Shirt: The Gap
Pants: Express
Suspenders: Burlington Coat Factory
Scarf: Vintage Values (Thrift Store)
Watch: Aflac
Shoes: Stacy Adams
Tie: Banana Republic

 Yvon Dion as The Office Secretary Aly

She continuously nosy and whiny that secret activity is happening around the office. 


She probably gets it from her nosy ass aunt...

<----The nosy ass aunt

LizBeth as Derida

One of the coolest characters who was fairly missed the last two episodes. 

She tells it like it is,


Ty and Aly continue to have pointless problems,

Does the meathead Jack know Ty's secret?

And the identity of the Alpha is finally revealed!!!

Click on the link to see the next episode:


Primary Photographer: Portia D.
Guest Photographer: Christopher Ott
Makeup Artist: Portia D.
Makeup: Mary Kay, LA Colors, Neutrogena, Urban Decay, NYX, Malle

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Jacket: Rave Girl
Belt: Rave
Shoes: Baker's

too bad it's usually in a language we can't understand.

Top: Forever 21
Vest: Wet Seal
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Mary Janes
Custom Bracelet: Biloxi Bleau by Yvon Dion