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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Brief Message from our Cheap Sponsors

Mistress Elizabeth Longsword has been invited to The Elitist Society Day Ball by the most handsome bachelor William "the wealthy" Windom!

"A gentleman caller!"

But what is she to do about these unruly NAPS!?

"He'll never take me with my nappity naps!"

Now, look at that gorgeous mane!

Custom Dress: Revelations by Portia D.
Heels: Baker

Visit your local WIG store now, so that YOU can catch that handsome bachelor! 

DISCLAIMER-wigs DO NOT guarantee anyone a handsome bachelor. May cause: itchy scalp, loss of hair in the front, hair growth, hair breakage, increased self esteem, increased fear of hights and embarrassment, neck strength, weight loss, broken fingers, constipation, cotton mouth, coma and death

If you would like to use wigs for a prolonged period of time, consult your local beauty physician to find the best, safest wig for YOU!

Portia D. as Elizabeth Longsword
Photographer/Director: Derris Montgomery
Makeup Artist: Portia D.
Makeup: Mary Kay, Mac

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