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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What do your favorite magazines reveal about YOU?

What does reading these 6 magazines reveal about your personality... the good and the bad?


Exuding that sexy confidence that has all the boys
hooked. ;)

Top: Kohl's
Custom Necklace: Biloxi Bleau by Yvon Dion


1. Trendy: Cosmo is all about what's hot now, whether it's clothes, celebs, how to get your guy to open up and commit. Chances are you're really into staying hip and current too.

2. Romantic: You're probably very romantic, believing in true love, flowers and candy on first dates, generally having positive expectations for the world around you.

3. Intuitive: You're most likely someone who is more intuitive than others and like the magazine to back up your natural instincts on certain situations. "Should I have done that, it felt right, but I'm not sure".


1: Unrealistic: You might come to believe most of what's written of those flowery pages, leading you to expect things that might never happen. "But it says that if he punches you, he loves you!"

2: Insecure: It is proven that many people turn to certain magazines because they think they have all the answers and confidence they strive for.

Sports Illustrated


Shirt: Kohl's
Shorts: Kohl's
Socks: Shops at Avenue North (Philadelphia
Shoes: Chuck Taylor's
Hat: Polo
Gloves: Rue 21

1. Strategic: Serious sports fans know that sports isn't luck, but strategy. You've probably have a very good understanding of cause and effect.

2. Committed: By actually buying a sports magazine, you've already taken your dedication to another level. You've shown that if you're really interested in something, you'll go the whole mile.

3. Proud: No doubt about it, you're full of pride, for your team, home town, colors... the pride is endless!


1. Chauvinist: Every Sports Illustrated cover features women in scantier bikinis than Maxim girls. Their clothes are so tight, you can see their pulse. Yet the men are always professional, fully clothed or playing their sport.

2. Obnoxious: Because you have such high opinions and pride, you aren't usually afraid to voice it, very loudly, and in public... and maybe without a shirt on.


If it wasn't in, then it wasn't in.

Shirt: The Gap
Tie: Banana Republic


1. Forward Thinking: Chances are you look to the future a lot, since Vogue is all about what's happening next, and what's the next big thing in fashion.

2. Creative: You must be a right brained, creative thinker to appreciate the fashions in Vogue as more than just pretty clothes but as an art form. 

3. Opinionated: You are most likely someone who knows what they like and what they don't like and aren't afraid to say so. Being a part of the art and fashion community gives most a distinct opinion.


1. Pompous: With high opinions and high fashion sometimes comes the delusion of grandeur. This can lead to looking down upon people who aren't as involved in art and fashion as you are.

2. Phony: You may be prone to BS-ing or changing yourself to be accepted or taken more seriously

Game Informer

The new Grand Theft Auto 14 just hit the stands, and we have the Cheat Codes

Shirt: Rainbow


1. Patient: Playing one video game, not to mention a whole series like Final Fantasy or Zelda requires a lot of time and patience which you most definitely have.

2. Dedicated: You're more than likely a person who follows through and a true fan. Comic con would be nothing without you.

3. Strategic: Just like those from Sports Illustrated, you thrive on mastering strategy.

4. Good Memory: You also probably have good memory too, from remembering combos, cheat codes, and sequences... etc.


1. Social Introvert: This isn't always true, but because of your dedication to gaming, you might not get a lot of sunlight--or it's become the only way you know how to make friends.

2. Obsessive: You're probably someone who gets easily obsessed, wanting to know, understand, and conquer everything about what your currently interested in.

People Magazine

Presely Po finally gets the glitch in his system fixed. He reveals that he's thinking about settling down.

Shirt: Pac Sun
Vest: Rainbow

Who the hell is Presley Po??? See here: The Po Bro's


1. Grounded: Since People Magazine thrives on humanizing celebrities, you're probably one who sees celebrities as people, like the magazine represents.

2. Realistic: You may also have realistic expectations for people because you understand that everyone has faults and merits.

3. Curious: You have an insatiable curiosity to why certain actions are made or how people became the way they are now.


1. Gossipy: Because you're so curious, you're probably one to spread and readily receive gossip because you're excited by the flow of unique information.

2. Cynical: You might find yourself questioning everyone motives because of acts of kindness shown in People that seem too good to be true... like Brad and Angelina adopting all those kids.

National Geographic

The real indigenous people of Dundalk

Scarf: Philadelphia (This scarf is everywhere! To see it's first appearance click on the link How to Train Your Scarf--in 11 Different Ways!)


1. Knowledge Seeker: You want to know more about the world that we live in, in all different aspects of culture, space and geography and animals.

2. Open Minded: You're probably more willing to accept certain views and actions, that are different from your own.

3. Compassionate: We've found that this kind of reading is for those who feel deep connections, sympathy and empathy for others. You might be a sensitive person who is easily influenced by emotions.


1. Know it all: Because you've read so much and learned so much, you might be overly eager to display your knowledge, even beyond the point of irritation.

2. Bigot: Sometimes you read the magazine with the belief that your way of life is better than the people you see on the pages.

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  1. That's a really good comment under "Cosmopolitan" about looking to the magazine for answers. I'm a big believer in self-reliance; you've got most of what you need right within you!

    1. Yeah, Saphyre! We totally agree, sometimes these types of magazines can really steer us in the wrong direction. We have more magazines and what they mean posted here:


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