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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stars and Stripes Week Finale! America vs Britain!

*While we're being patriotic we'd like to give a special shout out to our fans in Germany, Canada, Latvia, and The UK who've really supported us this month. Thanks guys, we know you're there and we LOVE you :)

The Bad Breakup!

America and Britain were just bitter ex's

Meet America


He wants to break up with her

Meet England


She's been with America so long, she doesn't want to break up!

But America has made it clear that he wants to break up...

"This ho has got to go!"-America.

Meet France

She wants to help Britain realize that the relationship is over.

"Ayo France, what's up?"-America
"Bitch, please,"-France

But England turns the other cheek.

For now...

"That's ok... I still got my friends with benefits gig on the side... Australia"-England



The American Badass

Meet Marko

He wants to propose to his girlfriend, Sally

Meet Sally

She doesn't want to marry Marko.

Because she loves his brother, the American BADASS!

Meet the American Badass

Isn't he dreeeeeamy!

When Marko finds out about this...

It's not good...

But Sally's made her choice.

And the brother's just have to deal with it!



!!!Bonus Alert!!!

As promised, the behind the scenes look!

See what happens when we don't realize the camera's are "rolling" ;)

For you naturals out there!!!
Almost 2 years natural :) 

Stoic Derris face #1

Stoic Derris face #2

Who says Derris can't smile???

There you go!

What did YOU guys think of our spin on America's independence???

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