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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We're getting everyone involved for this Stars and Stripes Week, including the new and HOT design site POLYVORE!

What's Polyvore?

Polyvore lets you design just about anything you want in a collage style.


Wonderful Designs by LewLew53

Little known fact: LewLew53 is Deporian's mother, and we'd like to personally thank her for all her support, especially her recent design called "The 4th is coming, what are you wearing?"

Thanks mom! We love you!

 *Follow our mom on Polyvore here: Deporian's mom on Polyvore!

Deporian has also joined the Polyvore community!

Here's our 4th of July Contest room!

*Like our designs here: Deporian on Polyvore

What do YOU guys think of Polyvore? Are any of you also a part of the Polyvore Community? Let us know below!


Have any other really cool sites that you use to get your creative juices flowing? Tell us that, too!

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