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Monday, June 30, 2014


We're so stoked to bring to you the first ever #ModelMonday!!!! This is where we put our blog in YOUR hands! 

IDEA: Every Monday we'll give you models a theme, and you show us your cutest looks!

THIS WEEKS theme: Bring it! Yesssss, 6 awesome girls show us how they SMIZE!

 Janay. IG:_yayornayy
Photo Credit: (FB) Krishaun Janay

Ivey. IG: @iveysaur1

Christina. IG: zodiac_killa17

 Tiffany: Sylk Cosmetics

Photo Cred:

Reece. IG: reeceforddesign
Photo Cred: Nostalgia

Being featured on our #ModelMondays is super easy!

1:Follow us on Facebook (Deporian) or any of our IG profiles (Portiaofdeporian) (Derrickito123) 2:Tag us with your model pic and 3:Wait to be seen :)


We're looking for your cutest stripes, red white and blue, and American flags!!! Send us your pics and show off your awesome style!

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