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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Is IGGY AZALEA the New Barbie, Nicki Minaj Retaliates (#TwistedTuesday)

Introducing our first #TwistedTuesday, where we give you the latest CELEBRITY GOSSIP and SCANDAL (no, not the TV show starring Kerry Washington... but who knows)

First up...
 Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea Rivalry--Is Iggy the new Nicki? 

As you all know... seems like a lil shade has been thrown from Ms. Minaj to Iggy Iggy on Sunday's BET awards

But is Nikki just worried that Iggy might be kicking her out of the Barbie Malibu beach house?

"It's barbie bitch!"

When Nicki Minaj first hit the rap scene, she aggressively took on the persona of "black barbie". Pink,blonde,and even green hair, Minaj was rocking it all and because of this persona she had some beef with 90s rapper Lil Kim back in the late 2010. But when the beef simmered down, Minaj came out on top.
Since then, Nicki became so consumed in this barbie look that she even started to look like the actual "white" barbie. FREAKY!

"Pseudo White-Barbie" as Sean Posey,author of the article " Racially Engineering the Pseudo White-Barbie"(Source), calls this message that Nicki Minaj is putting out there. As a woman who is an icon within the black community, Minaj sort of misrepresents what it means to be a beautiful black/woman of color.

To be considered beautiful, does one have to have light skin, blonde hair, and a skinny waist. 
However, Minaj has calmed down with the barbie antics lately and has embraced a more natural look. But some shade has been thrown at up and coming rapper Iggy Azalea during Minaj's acceptance speech at the BET awards this past Sunday. Both Nicki and Iggy were nominees in the same category for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist and during Nicki's speech she hinted that some rappers (Iggy?) are not authentic! At the beginning of her speech, she simply stated that she writes her own raps and then soon after that she says " shade".  Rumors have been surfacing saying that Iggy has a ghostwriter. But could Nicki Minaj just be jealous of Iggy? Does she see her as competition, because Iggy does have that barbie look going on.

Hmmm...only time will tell!


Tell us what you think. 
Do you think Nicki feels like Iggy is taking her spot?
Let us know in comments!

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