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Friday, August 1, 2014

"Hot to" Frenzy!!! (#HowtoFriday)

"It's friday...friday" and you what time it is, it's #HowtoFriday!

And this Friday we are taking you back to 2 of our "how to's" so that YOU can be 
 Fa-bu-lous!! :D

Let's first start off with...How to Wear Your White Tee!! (for Women)

8 Ways?!?! You can't beat that! 

Click the link below!

And the guys, you know we can't leave you out!! 

We have 7 ways YOU can make your White Tee a Fashion Statement!!

Click the link below!

Tell us what you think of these awesome how to looks!
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Catch ya later!!
Love ya!!! :D

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