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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

4 Sneaky Layering Tricks to stay THOT happy AND Warm this New Year’s Eve

We all know the drill, New Year’s Eve rolls around once again at lightning speed. Before we gather at those cozy house parties, waiting for that gaudy crystal ball to drop, we’re raiding our closet, prepared to dazzle everyone with our Sunday’s best. We’re not prepared however to get frost bites on our lady parts in the process.

Never fear.

You can be a THOT and WARM this New Year’s Eve with these 4 simple and sneaky layering tricks.


1: Sheer Panty hose
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If you really must show some succulent thigh, slip on some sheer panty hose. Yup, sheer panty hose. Remember them, the kind your grandma used to wear. Dust them suckers off from the back of the closet and make sure your 6 inch pointed nails don’t put a run in them.

THOT plus: You appear to have lots of skin showing, plus it’s fun for bae to peel them off when you’re christening the New Year.

WARM plus: Even though panty hose are such a thin material, the tight weave really packs a punch against harsh winter winds.

2: Leggings on Leggings on Leggings aka Leggingception

Now we all know that pants are expressly forbidden in the THOT creed in favor of sausage dresses and of course, the holy grail of all that is THOT—the legging. But no one said you had to wear just one pair. Lots of stores have made it their responsibility to make Leggings more THOT weather friendly adding fleece-like materials inside of leggings to act as insulation.

THOT plus: You get to have your leggings and no one will ever know your little secret that you’re actually warm.

WARM plus: The key here is to create so many layers between your skin and the outside that you don’t even feel the wind. Plus if someone sloshes their 40 oz on you, you probably won’t even feel it till you leave the party (That’s doubles as a THOT bonus)

LOGIC plus: According to popular mathematicians, 2 pair of leggings is equal to one pair of pants, so if you explain this to all the haters giving you dirty looks at the party, I’m sure they’ll understand.

3: Ear Muffs

Three Words: Minimal Hair Flattening—because, let’s be honest, you’re either rocking a glorified bun, sex hair or some mutation of both and you wouldn’t want a burly hat ruining all the non-effort you put into your tresses. Plus Ear Muffs are super cute.

THOT Plus: They’re kind of like winter’s version of animal ears—and we all know how THOTS feel about animal ears (cough cough—just because you’re wearing cat ears and a leotard doesn’t mean you’re a house cat—cough)

WARM plus: Your ears don’t turn blue… or fall off from frost bite.

4: Gigantic Scarf

Because a THOT will never wear a coat… ever, this way you can trick your body into a little extra body heat. Our advice, get a big fluffy one that can also flip up over your mouth and ears just in case you didn’t take our ear muff advice seriously… which you probably didn’t.

THOT Plus: Everyone knows that the fastest way to looking instantly less like a basic bitch is to throw on a scarf. Studies show that while you’re walking around town on your way to turn up, a scarf can act as THOT camouflage to the untrained eye. Bonus points if you’re sporting fresh Starbucks.

Warm plus: The neck is actually very sensitive to temperature especially cold, so it’s important to be proactive in keeping that area warm… you didn’t think I was actually gonna spit knowledge on you were you? Nah, you weren’t ready.


Shirt: Rue21 (Men)
Leggings: Rue 21
Earrings: Dots
Hair: 20 in. Malaysian--sike, that's all mine!


Let us know how warm you are, or send us some pics. We love getting pics!

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