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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fashion Across The US

 Deporian has called America out,

and you delivered!!!

   Fashion has NOT DIED on Main St. America!

Key: TS=Thrift Store

Name: Sarah Cannon
From: Wildwood, NJ

Lace Top: Marshalls
Skirt: Forever 21
Bandeau: TJ Maxx
Necklace: Oyster and Pearle Shoppe
Watch: Fossil
Shoes: Guess


Name: Aja Baker
From: Maryland

Lace Top: Target
Pants: India
Shoes: TOMS
Jacket: Vintage Values (TS)


Name: Michaela M. Albanese
From: Collegeville, PA

Top: Target
Vest: The Gap
Jeggings: Target
Wedges: Anthropologie
Belt: American Eagle
Jewelry: Heirloom (Grandmother)


Name: Daniel Witkus
From: Auburn, PA

Suit: Express
Shoes: Bass
Shirt: Calvin Klein
Socks: American Apparel
Pocket Square: Sears
Tie: Vintage


Name: Felicia Yuan
From: Philadelphia, PA



Name: Nane Sirekan
From: New Jersey

Top: Express
Shorts: Nordstrom
Heels: Steve Madden


Name: Alexandra Lash
From Exton, PA

Purple Shirt: Express
Green Shirt: The Gap
Belt: (Found)
Tights: Ross
Wedges: Ross



Name: Elzie Williams
In This Photo: St. Pete, Florida

Top: Target
Pants: True Religion
Shoes: Vans
Shades: Rayban
Necklace: Vintage Values (TS)


Name: Maurielle Stewart
From: Washington, DC

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Rack Room
Bracelet: (Philadelphia)


Name: Laila Poche
From: King Of Prussia, PA
In this photo: Valley Forge, PA

 Photographer: Mary Kate Schmidt

Dress: ?
Boots: DSW
Necklace: Hawaii


Name: Ahlam Khamis


Name: Hollywood Scott

Dress: Victoria Secret
Custom Necklace: Biloxi Bleau by Yvon Dion
Shoes: Ayanna


Name: Julia Murphy
From: Harrisburg, PA

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Salvation Army (TS)


Name: Felicia Harris
From: Baltimore, MD

Top: Ashley Stewart
Pants: Ashley Stewart
Scarf: Forever 21
Shoes: Shoe City-Deron (Baltimore)


Name: Ahlam Khamis
In This Photo: LA, California

Sweater: Express
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange (TS)
Socks (Tights): H&M
Scarf: Vendor (NY)


Name: Alexandra Lash

Jeans: Old Navy


Name: Laila Poche

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Deliah's
Boots: DSW


Name: Jenna Vertrees
From: San Diego, California

Dress: Francesca's Collections
Scarf: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Clutch: H&M


Name: Sarah Bradley
From: Baltimore, Maryland

Shirt: WalMart
Pants: XXI
Shoes: ?
Bag: Vintage Values (TS)
Glasses: Vintage Values (TS)
Belt: XXI
Necklace: XXI


Name: Sharon Melody
From: Baltimore, MD

Shirt: H&M
Glasses: Urban Outfitters
Hat: ?


Name: Alexandra Lash

Top: Kohl's
Pencil Skirt: Express
Heels: Target


Name: Ahlam Khamis


And what's Deporian wearing?

Name: LizBeth
In This Photo: Kansas City, Missouri
From: Baltimore, MD

 Jacket: Kohl's


Name: Anuli Duru
In this Photo: Baltimore, MD
From: Nigeria

Custom Romper: Anuli Duru
Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory
Shades: WalMart
Glasses: Vintage Values (TS)


Name: Derris Montgomery
In this Photo: New Orleans, Louisiana
From: Baltimore, MD

Top: Izzue
Pants: Goodwill (TS)
Shoes: 21 Men (Forever 21)
Hat: WalMart
Shades: Buffalo Exchange (TS)
Belt: Steve and Barry's


Tatyana Grechina
Resides: South Carolina
From: Russia

Top: Cancun
Shorts: Refuge Pants
Flowy Vest: Vintage Values (TS)
Shoes: Keds
Custom Necklace: South America (made of bone)


Where's Yvon Dion
On Vacation

Name: Portia D.
From: Baltimore, MD

Where's this outfit from?

Find out at the link: Roll Bounce: Precilla Strikes Back

What have we learned???

THRIFT STORE LOVE!!!! Head out to the closest one for the hottest gear

Of course... Forever 21 (See why we say that here)


Target and Urban Outfitters are the places to shop


Is the road to unity, through fashion?

Thanks so much to everyone who helped us create this post! 

It was a lot of work to round you guys all up, but it worked out beautifully in the end :)


What was YOUR favorite outfit and where were they from?

Does your city have GREAT fashion or are they in need of a total MAKEOVER?


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