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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meg's Really Strange Day--Directed by Tatyana Gretchina: Part 1

Introducing Tatyana Gretchina to Deporian!!!

Photo by Christopher Fernando

Meg's Really Strange Day

Photo by Scott Mckelvey

Meet Meg

Model: Megan Mizanty
Photo by Tatyana Gretchina

Dress: Vintage Values (Thrift Store)

She’s just your average slightly angsty overwhelmed college student who just wants someone, ANYONE to save her.

You know, a freak power outage on campus to cancel classes, a sudden worldwide torrential downpour that turns streets into canals of sloshing rainwater and cities into ocean passages that can take you to virtually any place since it’s all the same.

Maybe someone to freeze time so Meg can just slow down and breathe.

Photo by Tatyana Gretchina

Cool thing about Meg is that she’s a dancer,

so when all else fails her she can always find herself and lose herself in movement. 

Photo by

Except one day, when things got a liiiittle freaky.

First there was the crazy music, the weird guys in a mess of strange outfits and brassy instruments. 

Photo by Elena Sobel

Then the overwhelming feeling hits – you know, the one that feels like rock bottom--and you get so overcome with this desire to scream and throw things?

But-- Instead...

You just spin

and spin,

spin and--

until you black out,

and wake up in the same space, but a completely new place.

And there's a castle.

Photo by Kelsey Guerra

You'd be just as confused as Meg.

Then there are these girls who keep trying to help you out and they seem to have some better idea of what’s going on, so you let them help.

Photo by Scott McKelvey

Their names are Chaos and Rearranger, which is pretty weird, but they seem only to want to play. No harm in that.

Soon you forget that you’re all confused and in a weird place with a castle and start dancing with them.

Photo by Stephanie Price

The dance goes on

and on

and your mood is lifting higher

and higher

Photo by Kelsey Guerra

until nothing else exists but the moment

and the movement;

the momentum of everything is in your hands and feet,

all time is yours.

Then the power shifts.

Photo by Stephanie Price

 The dynamics change. The control is slipping out from in between your fingers and toes and wrapping itself in coils around your limbs and heart.

Photo by Stephanie Price

You want to the game to stop,

 you want to go home.  

But you're stuck and Chaos and Rearranger don't even seem to notice your invisible binds.

Photot by Kelsey Guerra

"STOP!" That's all you can say.

Photo by Bill Hebert

They stop.

"What’s the deal", they wonder.

"You want to go home, oh okay.

That’s easy enough, all you had to do was ask.


Oh, no,


It’s not thaaat easy.

There is a bit of a task involved. 

You heard of Mistress Time?

Photo by Scott McKelvey

 Queen of the Castle – yeah, we live there too – and she’s our mom."

Photo by Bill Herbert

"She's got this wand

 –no, we’re not supposed to use it,

-basically you have to steal the wand-… to stop time…

then you could get her Sacred Glass Pear – you know, that thing that can take you anywhere – and we could help you do it."

They finish simultaneously.

"It’s easy enough," they reassure you. 

You just have to change your outfit to blend in and then just be sly.

They’ll distract the Mistress when she comes and you’ll have to be quick and grab the wand out of her pocket. Then you’ll have access to the pear and can finally get the hell out of here.

Not that it’s bad.

Kind of loony, yes,

but you’re just ready to get back to reality and stop moping around.

You’re a little distraught because you’re skeptical it’ll work; who ever heard of freezing time?

She didn’t even know Time was actually a chick with two kids.

Ehrm, queen -


Whatever, you figure.

Not like you really have anything to lose at this point.

And if it takes stealing her wand to get home, might as well get the damn wand.

You really don’t have time to think, already your dress is being pulled over your head and Rearranger is giving you a vest you swear is alive to put on over a black tank top and biker shorts you weren’t aware you were wearing.

Photo by Kelsey Guerra


You hear that strange music again – a fanfare.

Looks like mama’s in the house.

Assume positions.

Be quiet like a mouse........

Photo by Bill Hebert


 The girls squeal as they run over to her, whisking her in the opposite direction of Meg. 

What a strange family, you muse. 


Part 2 Coming SOON!

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