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Monday, August 8, 2011




Anuli is an Otakon fan and last week she had the chance to attend the 3-day event in Baltimore, Md 

Here is her report:


Otakon 2011
Otaku Fashion and Fun
Photos Credits: Katie Cane, Penelope Villagaray, Zoila Villagaray, and Anuli Duru

Hello everybody! I’m Piplup! (from Pokemon), coming to you live from Otakon at the Baltimore Convention Center! On this very special 3-day edition of Deporian, I’ll be showing you the many fierce fashions of my fellow Otaku as well as the cool things you can do here at Otakon!

Well let’s get going, I think I see a couple of Otaku already!

Okay, I meant to say THOUSANDS of Otaku! Haha. Otaku is Japanese for “fans of Japanese or East Asian culture.” Which basically means you’ll find all kinds of people here who love EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING about Japan, China, and North and South Korea!

Yet at Otakon you can find anything from pretty little princesses like Princesses Peach, Daisy, Zelda, and the Tooth Fairy?

To even Disney characters like Belle and the Beast (in human form).

You can meet up with Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts (loving their outfits!)…

Or watch Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask’s cheesy romance story unfold. (he better put a ring on it Sailor Moon!)

A great deal of Marvel and other comic book characters come to hang out here as well! Hey there, Thor and Lady Loki!

Looking wonderfully super, Wonder Woman and Super Girl!

Hey it’s Batman and the gang…just chilling like a villain with a couple of jokers, no big deal.

You might even run into a couple of old Nickelodeon characters like Chucky from Rugrats!

         Or the Power Puff Girls! Ah, the good ol’ days!

It’s Beast Boy and Raven from Teen Titans! COOL!!!

And if you’re lucky or a smooth operator like me, you’ll get to meet lots of pretty gals

: )

You can photo bomb space alien rangers like this guy!

Or run from space alien cyborgs like this guy! (Sorry, I didn’t mean to crash your picture!!)

Or you can just take pictures of space alien cyber gothic ravers (Pretty colors)

You can see your favorite video games come to life like Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess…

Or even your favorite cereal! (Mmm, I’m craving some Rice Krispies® right now)

Dead Maus even comes to Otakon…only to get…well, you know.

You can also see a—

Ahh! Team Rocket!! Gotta act fast…


Phew! That was a close one! Sorry about that guys! Believe it or not, stuff like that happens all the time of Otakon! 

Many costumes here are very elaborate and eye-catching…

With engineered elegance (Steam Punk Princessm ftw!)

Haha and like I said, many random action scenes (like from Avatar: The Last Airbender) take place at Otakon. (You’re going down Fire Tribe!)

You can even get a chance to see a j-rock fashion show!

The Rave is the place to be during Otakon after hours!

Even Jesus comes down to party like it’s the end of the world. (haha only at Otakon)

Boogie on, Captain American and Iron Man!

At Otakon, you can see your fav characters, take lots of photos, dance like there’s no tomorrow, and gain new experiences from it all. You also get to meet a lot of new friends along the way…

And chill with your old buddies…from South Park.

There’s so much to do and see here at Otakon and the fashion statements here go beyond what any statement could ever, well, state. All in all, here at Otakon, you’ll always fit in and you can wear whatever you want and be whoever you want. That’s a real fashion statement!

Well, thank you guys so much for following me along this journey. I hope you enjoyed it.
Come join us next year at Otakon 2012!


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