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Monday, August 1, 2011

Young Adult Wolf--Episode 9 Wolf's Bane

To see the first 2 parts of this series, click on the links

Part 1


FINALLY: The moment we've all been waiting for--The ALPHA is REVEALED.

This Episode had a lot of high action, leaving us feeling like we missed something... 

...did we?

All we know is that most of the episode is about finding THIS necklace.

Of course it's the secretary Aly's necklace, but she's being all whiny... 

we still don't understand why though!!!!

She's tired of feeling helpless...

But, whatever. She's pissed and upset at Ty


But she is getting all cheery with the very manipulative, very handsome Jack.

Is he using her to get promoted? 

Or does he truly like her?

Meanwhile, Sty and Derida spend "quality time" in each other's cubicles.

Isn't it adorable, them working together???

And Ty, the Young Adult Wolf is really having a tough time at the office.

Jack the jerk knows his secret...

and he torments Ty on his lunch break.
Poor Ty.

Ty tries to find that necklace that we talked about earlier,

But Aly's father catches him...


Ty lets the werewolf hunting father know that he loves Aly *barf*

The ALPHA is revealed as...

Derida's uncle

The one we thought was paralyzed in the fire...

Didn't see that one coming...

or this

The episode ends with Jack hassling Ty--again,

this time because he wants to be


LizBeth as Derida

Dress: (Scarf: Literally all over this blog) How to Train Your Scarf--in 11 Different Ways!

She's finally speaking English, and she's taken her shirt off quite a bit

We're pleased :)

Derris Montgomery as Sty

Cardigan: 21 Men
Rest of Outfit: Episode 8: Luny

You never disappoint, Sty.

We love you

never change

Yvon Dion as Aly

What the hell is with all the melodrama???
You cried during this episode!!!!



We've said all that we can about this one.

Derris Montgomery as Jack

Jacket: 21 Men

You sly devil.

We're actually glad you're on board.

Our advice: Don't get yourself killed.

Portia D. as Ty

Vest: Rave
Tie: Banana Republic
Rest of Outfit: Young Adult Wolf

And Ty, poor over dramatic Ty.


Hang in there kid.


Primary Photographers: David Beadenkopf and Portia D.
Secondary Photographer: Yvon Dion
Makeup Artist: Portia D., Yvon Dion, Derris Montgomery and LizBeth
Makeup: Urban Decay, Mary Kay, Mac, LA Colors, NYX

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