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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fashion at "The Party"

Portia D. recently had her 20th birthday party!!!!

Of course she was on the prowl for the hottest fashion hoppers there... and she found some juicy drama along the way...

Meet the Cast


Yvon Dion aka "Hott stuff"

Portia D. aka "The Birthday Girl!!!"


Latia aka "The Sweatheart"

Kianti aka "The Foxy Diva!"

Andrea aka "Suave"

LaDeisha aka "Little Miss"

Danny aka Mr. Mystery

and Emily aka "Mrs. Smiles"

The Tale of Four Lovers

"The Birthday Girl!!!" and "Mr. Mystery" just wanted to enjoy the evening with their adorable daughter "Little Miss"...

But they've got some serious issues that they don't ever deal with at home!

She loves him

he doesn't love her

it's a whole big thing.

Now "Hott Stuff" and "The Foxy Diva" have a real strong love connection,

and nothin could break their bond...

Except "Mr. Mystery", putting the moves on "Hott Stuff"

With a cute ass boy like that,

who could refuse!?

And little do they know, he's working both of them!

Damn, playa! Do ya thang!

But it wasn't long before "Mr. Mystery" moved on to another conquest,

"The Sweatheart"

"Hott Stuff" and "The Foxy Diva" patched up their relationship

and got everything together,

like I said,

nothing could break their bond


no, seriously--nothing.

Wanna see more neat stuff like this??? Yeah, I know you do! Check out these link


Photographers: Yvon Dion and Portia D.

If you guys thought that was hot, let us know!!!

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