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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Deporian's Expansion Has Come

Great events to come for Deporian!!!


  • August 6th---- Portia D.'s Going Away/Birthday Party--ADULTICE provides the alcohol! (Half the proceeds go to Portia D. to help in her studying in Rome this school year!)

  • August 14th---- SYLK Cosmetics Debut Fashion Extravaganza--Portia D. as a Model and Designer

  • August 18th-21st---- (Possible)  Baltimore Fashion Week--Portia D. as a Design Assistant/Backstage Help

  • September 8th---- Fashion' Night Out--Yvon Dion as a Jewelry Designer, Derris Mongtomery representing Deporian

 First Thanks to Tiffany Jeffers of SYLK Cosmetics!

We have a lot to thank Tiffany for. She and Portia D. are both Baltimore School for the Arts Alumni. Tiffany is currently the Fashion Editor for Charmed Magazine

Learn more about SYLK Cosmetics:

Learn more about Charmed Magazine:


SYLK Cosmetics Debut Fashion Extravaganza

Tiffany Jeffers with SYLK Cosmetics brings her debut fashion show.

Location: 1049 Charles St.
Photos to Come!

Baltimore Fashion Alliance


Deporian is working with the Baltimore Fashion Alliance to bring Fashion back to Baltimore!

Baltimore Fashion Week

This will be Baltimore's Fourth Annual Fashion Week. Whether Deporian will be working back stage at The Tents or not, this will be a landmark in Baltimore's Fashion Culture.

Location: TBA

Fashion's Night Out

Baltimore's first ever Fashion's Night Out! This event is normally in New York, but this year it has come to Baltimore!!! This events promises celebrities, fashion, shopping, and pure fabulosity.

Location: All over Baltimore!

Hotspot: Look for us at The Intercontinental Hotel on September 8th, 6- 11pm. Yvon Dion of Deporian will be selling her custom jewelry.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks to you wonderfully talented people my event was a success!

    It was wonderful working with you!

    Tiffany Jeffers
    Owner & Pro MUA - SYLK Cosmetics


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