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Friday, January 31, 2014

15 of the most OUTRAGEOUS Oscar gowns

In preparation for the lovely (and busted) fashion to come at this years Oscars, we wanted to pay homage to those less fortunate dressers throughout the years... and embarrass their stylists one more time because really, what the f^#k were they thinking???

Check out this blog for serious Perez Hilton status gossip on some of the looks we've selected

#15 Sally Field

Not so much ugly as impractical. Why the hell is her train so long??? Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Steward can attest, it's hard to walk in dresses already, lady!

#14 Faith Hill

The dress fits great, but what's with the rainbow fish effect?

#13 Chalice Theron

Three Words: Big. Ass. Couch.... is what the hell she looks like! Dammit Charlice, you're gorgeous, but apparently can't get away with everything.

#12 Cher

It's not horrible, but what is this over-sized zoot suit? Can you say "straight pimpin'"

#11 Vera Farmiga
At first we thought this was a sea urchin... we were wrong.

#10 Angela Bassett

Oh Angela! If you've been watching American Horror Story Coven, then you know Angela Bassett is one baaaad bitch, but we're sad to report some frumpy beginnings.

#9 Helena Bohnam Carter

We never had much faith in her sense of style... and here's why. This is just a goth prom gone wrong, and most likely on some kind of recreational drug.

#8 Gwenelth Paltrow

Firstly... yikes. Second...that skirt doesn't even make sense. What material is that even, crushed velvet?

#7 Demi Moore

Demi, please get your life together. I know what you were going for with this look--wait, no I don't.

#6 Sally Kirkland

Just because everything about this is inappropriate and hurts our eyes: The shiny nude color, the wrinkles, dusty metallic shoes, the skirt that looks like an 18th century bed spread... and the pose that's says, "I'm a hot ass mess and I don't care"

#5 Selma Blair

We loved her on the cover of Vogue right after this though:

#4 Cher...again

Stylist Mission: Use just enough beads to cover the vajajay and tatas... nah, just kidding, but we'll give her a big ass sash!

#3 Bjork

Once again, it's not horrible, but really, you looked in your closet and were like, "You know what, I wanna look like a duck today" (It's a swan, we know, but she looks like a big ass duck)

#2 Whoopie Goldberg

We've had the pleasure of having Whoopie visit our school, so we're not at all surprised by this. PS, Whoopie, this ain't the Renaissance Fair... or auditions for Princess and the Frog.

#1 Cher...for the win!

In terms of outrageous, Cher never disappoints. This Queen of the Damned looking get-up has me begging her to transform me into a creature of the night.

PS, this is Cher's only wardrobe competition

What did you think of these outrageous Oscar looks?

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