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Saturday, January 18, 2014


GIRLS is back!

HBO's quirky TV series, GIRLS has returned for season 3!!
So the season preimere of HBO's hit tv show GIRLS returned last Sunday and it was awesome!!
The premiere opened with Hannah finally getting her life together. She seems to have control over her life once again with Adam by her side. She's taking her medicine and going to therapy and she's not getting sued by her editor! Things seem to be going well but you never know with Hannah. Let's see what shenanigans she'll get into this season!

Marnie is same ol' Marnie. Apparently, Charlie left Marnie and Marnie is all distraught but towards the end of the episode Adam gives her some great advice,surprisingly, and Marnie seems to have a better outlook on life. 

Shoshanna is letting her wild side show. Not much dialogue from Shoshanna in this episode but we see a few scene of her waking in a guys bed and her studying. Is she bored with life or what does she really want?

Finally, we find out where the hell Jessa is!! Last season, Jessa completely abandon Hannah at Jessa's parents house, leaving Hannah all alone, which was a part of the reason her OCD episode came about. Jessa is in rehab but it seem like she doesn't want to be there. She causes so much trouble that she ends up getting kicked out of rehab. She calls Hannah at the end of the episode and we are left with a cliff-hanger on whether Hannah is going to pick up Jessa!

Questions about the preimere!
*Is Hannah really ok?
*Why did Charlie dump Marnie? and Where is he?
* What's going on with Shoshanna? Is she really happy with her new "free-spirited" life?
* Will Jessa shake things up again?


PS, how do you like Deporian's version of Girls?

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