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Friday, January 24, 2014

Introducing--Clarice Shackelford and Ballin' on a Budget

Let's celebrate the addition of Clarice aka Reece to Deporian. 

I'm sure everyone's looking forward to Reece's wise advice on how to look and be ballin'... on a budget

 My name is Clarice , however you can call me Reece. I am a  native of Florida, I have a soft spot for nature, gummy bears,and long walks on the beach... I also LOOOOOVE a great clothing sale!!!! I am a fiber artist, fabric designer, blogger, model, and stylist. 

I received my BFA degree from Temple University in Fiber Art & Material Studies. I enjoyed this for I loved designing fabrics ,  creative distinct color palettes, and  sewing. 

All of these skills have contributed into my taste for good quality products and ingredients. Oh I forgot to also mention that I am a cooker... my father was a chef.... so I've only learned from the best!!!!

Any who,  I love learning about health, life and and self growth and most of all I enjoy sharing what I've learned with others!!!

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  1. Clariceeeee! Woot woot! xD I'll keep out for more posts :)


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