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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A REVIEW for Protective Styling on Natural Hair

There are so many posts out there about protective styling, but this isn't exactly one of them.

What this is is a review.

Me personally, I have a love/hate relationship with protective styling. I usually go for long term styles like mini twists/braids or my recent protective style, braid extensions. 

I love that these styles allow me to retain length because I'm not constantly manipulating my hair.

I really enjoy that taking my hair out is like a new experience "Wow, look how long it's gotten since last month!" 

However--I get so borrrrrrred! Not to mention that some styles are more "protective" than others. This all depends on your head of hair of course. 

I've found that mini braids work better for my hair because it fully stretches my hair, instead of twists which tend to dread... and that's not what I had in mind... 

I remember crying after snipping a thick dreading twist from the middle of my head. All that progress, to get cut away.

Now I do the style above when I want long term protection, loose twists and braided roots/ The braid keeps the roots stretched against shrinkage, and the super loose twists stall the dreading process. 

I made sure to wash and condition as usual. I redid twisted the ends about 3 times a month and redid the style completely at the month mark.

So be SMART with your protective styles. 

The biggest factors that determine the success of a long term protective style is time and style

Don't leave the styles in for more than 6 weeks (without redoing)

Pay attention to your hair! It will tell you when it needs to be touched up or taken out completely.

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