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Monday, July 14, 2014

Beachy/ Boho/ Breazy: #ModelMonday

It really is that time again, wow! Time flies, and people have spent this time... at the beach!

What is beachy?!?

Beachy: A style that reminds someone of being at the beach because of either the color palette (white/tan/light blue) or the items (big straw hats, flip flops and of course, a swimsuit itself)

Show us beachy!
IG: Leah_Osborne
IG: _preethidanielle_

IG: Cosmowayne
IG: robycara

Mendoza Jesus. IG: My_stylejm

IG: _preethidanielle_

What is Boho?!?

Boho: "Bohemian" A style signifying styles worn in the tropics because of the flowing garments and bright and intricate patterns.

Show us Boho!
IG: karrasjp

IG & Clothing: daughtersofculture
Styling: IG:Stylealchemists

IG: aero_si
Clothing: Aeropostale
IG: bonz66

What is Breezy?!?

Breezy: Similar to the boho look, but lighter and softer, usually with pastels or whites. A style worn perhaps on a yacht or at the beach.

Show us Breezy! 
IG: karrasjp

IG: ninomowgli

Tarcisio Francelino. IG: Tattuzao

I think you're noticing that these styles cross over! That's perfectly legal. There are no limits to style, make it your own! 

Love ya!

Let us know what you thought of this weeks #ModelMonday. To be featured, hashtag (ModelMonday) on Instagram or Facebook!

Next weeks theme: Denim Jumpers
We're on the lookout for all you stylistas bringing it back to the '90s!

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