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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Which Highschool Cliche Were/Are YOU?

Showdown Sunday has come back again! 

This week's theme: 
Cliche vs Cliche

Which high school style did/are you rocking?


Which style do you wish you had/have? 


Pop Quiz!!!

Do you/did you wear...?

A. Letterman jackets (whether it was yours or your boyfriends)
B. A cheerleader uniform
C. A team uniform
D. High buns and ponytails specifically to be more aerodynamic
E. Basketball shorts
F. High socks (as a man)
G. Tennis Shoes

If you answered yes to any of these really, you were a jock (whether you actually played a sport or not)


Most times, being nerdy doesn't necessarily have to do with what you're wearing, but your interest in certain topics or just getting good grades in general, but because this is a style blog, here's how we achieved this sassy spin on good ol' nerds ;)

1. Flannel shirt
2. Black Pants (High-waist for girls)
4. Suspenders
5. Pig Tails
6. Big Hipster Glasses (without a prescription)
7. Books, lots and lots of books



Did you wear these garments together?

A. High socks (for girls) with a short skirt (extra points for plaid)
B. A button-up collar shirt and a cardigan/sweater
C. A button-up with a sweater wrapped around your neck
D. A pearl necklace with the earrings and bracelet to match
E. Any of the above with a blazer 
F. Any of the above with Argyle ANYTHING

If you answered yes to...
At least 1: You experimented with your style a bit
At least 3: You actually went to a prep/Catholic school
All: ...You belong in either Gossip Girl or Clueless... for real

last but certainly not least...

Punk/Grunge/Thug/Alternative/Any group that DGAF!

We wore so many garments, and mashed together so many styles, that we thought we'd just list them all!
  • Ripped Jeans
  • Studded Black Boots
  • Multiple Rings and Chain Necklaces
  • Ripped Jean Jacket
  • Loose Graphic Tank Top
  • Plaid Shirt around the Waist
  • Olive Shorts
  • Black Lipstick
  • Stud Earring (one specifically, cuz I'm a bad ass)

We had so much fun dressing up! Let us know if there are any other styles or characters you'd like us to play out and you'll see them here :)

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