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Friday, July 18, 2014

3 Simple Questions to BOOST your CONFIDENCE... and SEX APPEAL

Yay, our very first How-to Friday!

Sooo, wanna know how to boost your confidence and your SEX appeal (mainly the sex appeal, right?) Keep reading!!!

1. What's your favorite color?
Remember those corny ass first grade "get to know yourself" questions? Yeah, we tried forgetting them too-but, some of them should be brought back from the dark recesses of your mind because they serve as vital keys along your journey to Mordor-I mean style and confidence (hold up, awesome idea though! We're totally doing a Lord of the Rings photo shoot!)
Why this works: Think about it, the key to confidence is to feel great about yourself. If you know your favorite color, then you'll know what color you love wearing, and when you love what you're wearing it oozes from your pores (not literally, that would be disgusting) but people can sense that, and they're drawn to it. See where our minds are going... eh?
Tip: Don't just limit this to color, find your other favorites: shirts, shoes, styles, hair cuts, and you'll find be one step closer to not only looking better and feeling better, but getting noticed ;) (You know what I mean!)

What's our favorite color?
Portia d. :Turquoise 
Yvonne Dion: Pink and cream (it's totally legal to like color combos!)
Clarice: Every color all together
Lizbeth: Cheetah (wait-that's not a color...meh, we're flexible on the whole "color" thing)
Derris: Red. For now
Wow, I feel closer to you, don't you feel closer?!

2. Why do you get dressed?
Another one of those questions even more basic than the first that I bet you've never really thought about. People have tons of reasons and excuses for why they get dressed, but what's yours? To impress, for comfort, to feel sexy, because you have to... ('cause there's tons of nudist colonies out there for ya! Don't wear clothes if you don't want to!)
Why this even matters, homie: I feel like this is the most obvious connector between style, confidence and sex, but if I really must point it out--your exterior is everything, therefore if you don't even know why you're decorating it, you'll never attract the right audience. Your Netflix-binge-watching sweats DO NOT say, "You, walking down the street, want to fuck me?" They. Just. Don't. 
And when you feel more confident about the purpose of your wardrobe, you'll feel more confident that you'll get it. Ah, see what we did there???
Tip: So next time you're picking up that wrinkled pea green Ninja Turtles T-shirt that's 3 sizes too big, think to yourself: Why am I wearing this... as that voice inside your head whispers (and will it help me get laid?)

3. What is your style?
Every style has a person attached to it, right? Are you indie, rock, classy, hip hop...? That's kinda important. Your style doesn't have to fall under one category. You take elements from different ones to create a style that is unique to you!


What does that have to do with confidence?
Your style says a lot about you and the person you will attract. Once you discover and own your style, your confidence will shine through! People admire and respect others who are not afraid of being different, and being different helps you stand apart from the crowd. Sooo, maybe he/she might notice you from all the way across the dance floor because of your killer style, but clothes may not be the topic by the end of the night! ;)

Tip: When developing your style, think "does this make me look sexy?" Sexy doesn't necessarily mean slutty or too forward, but think about what showing off your best assets!

Remember to have fun with that is. It's all about being who you are!

And as always
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Love ya!! <3 <3





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