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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Events, TV, and Radio

If you've followed me (Portia D.) On my IG:Portiaofdeporian, then you know I've had a few interactions with the media just within the last month! So I figured I'd give you the inside scoop, and of course let you know what I was wearing to get me noticed ;)

1. Fox Gossip News in LA

Yes, I got spotted walking along Hollywood and Highland Blvd, home of the famous Chinese Theatre and Hollywood Stars! The reporter (a woman who knows impeccable style of course!) snatched me up as soon as she saw me, exclaiming "ooh, can we interview you?!" I said, "hell yeah!" 

What I got spotted in: 
For more photos, check out our post: Deporian Takes Over Hollywood! or follow me on IG!

We wound up gossiping about Justin Bieber. I'll never forget her face when she asked, "what's the first word that comes to mind when you think of Justin Bieber?" And I said "lesbian" I think I saw her eyes roll out of her head right onto the Hollywood Stars! But, to my defense, if a knows the Tumblr "lesbians who look like Justin Bieber" you know my response was very warranted!

2. Curves Rock Fashion Show-Baltimore Hyatt Regency

I worked as an assistant to the lovely Tiffany Jeffers of Sylk Cosmetics, and along the way I met so many talented women starting their own businesses!

Here are a few!

Name: Black Sheep Cosmetics
What she offers: Custom, bold and all natural makeup! 

Jessie, the owner and her daughter were so nice and funny! I spent most of the day with them, so much that they began to feel like a second family :).

Name: New Vintage by Sam
What she offers: Beautiful hand crafted beaded jewelry

Sam was so cute and friendly, and of course I adored her hair and style!

Look at that hair! I was in love!!!

Name: Fly Nerd 
What she offers: Quirky silk screened T's matched with gorgeous floral print

Name: Liberated Art
What she offers: hand crafted jewelry in a slew of enchanting alternative materials!

Alisha was so down to earth! I loved chatting with her and look forward to perhaps collaborating in the near future ;)

3. 104.3

This one just fell in my lap, but 104.3 visited the restaurant I work at (Venti Tre Modern Italian) to promote. I wound getting a free shirt which I plan to customize!

4. CBS Philly

This happened just yesterday while Derris and I took a day trip to Philadelphia to relax and visit a few friends.

The reporter approached us as we reclined in Rittenhouse Square. She interviewed us about the new OK Cupid social experiment scandal but she and her camera man were so sweet and funny we talked about just about everything else!

Watch Derris and I on

That's it... for now
Love ya :) 

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