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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

7 Looks With My White Tee--Men's Edition

It IS true that white goes with everything!

Men's V-Neck's and Crew Cuts receive the best results.

Transform your White Tee into 7 different looks!

(Women, ya'll aren't left out: 8 Ways To Transform your White-T)

#1 Day Time

Derris Montgomery

The White Tee: The Gap
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: 21 Men
Owl Necklace: Vendor (Baltimore)
Custom Necklace: Ethiopia

How to acheive this Look

  • Wear brighter colors during the day
  • Skinny or straight leg jeans
  • A vest or blazer
  • Canvas Shoes

#2 Night Time

Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory
Pants: 21 Men
Shoes: 21 Men
Watch: Aflac

How to acheive this Look

  • Wear darker colors in the night time
  • Wear bolder materials (dark denim, leather, suede)
  • Simpler accessories
  • A sturdier dark shoe

#3 First Date

Jacket: Rex
Shoes: Stacy Adams
How to achieve this Look
  • Mix and match business with casual (nice blazer or vest with jeans)
  • Wear nice dress shoes
  • Wear dark, slimming pants or jeans.
  • One bold arm or neck accessory (a watch or chain)

#4 Edgy

Pants: H&M
Boots: Bare Feet
Suspenders: Burlington Coat Factory

How to achieve this Look

  • Wear a very bright color on top (shirt or vest) or on bottom (jeans)
  • bolder materials (silk/satin, leather)
  • Wear lots of different accessories
  • Dark boots

#5 Beach

How to achieve this look

  • Sturdy flip-flops
  • Threaded accessories
  • Swim trunks

#6 Older/Mature

Pants: Express

How to achieve this Look

  • Wear a well fitted blazer
  • Dress pants (tailored)
  • Dark dress shoes
  • Neutral Colors

#7 Younger/Hip

Shorts: American Eagle
Scarf: Rainbow

How to achieve this Look

  • Wear the latest trends (scaves, distressed jeans)
  • Skinny jeans
  • Simple canvas shoes


What do YOU consider a "must have" item for a man's closet?


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Photography: Portia D.
Makeup Artist: Derris Montgomery
Makeup: Mary Kay, LA Colors

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  1. beautiful post, love the pictures


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