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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8 Ways to Transform Your White-Tee--Women's Edition

Ladies, White-T's are no longer for slumming.

The wonderful LizBeth will show you how to take pride in your T-shirt again, with these great 8 looks!

 And men ya'll aren't left out of the fashion loop-- Here's what you dudes can do with a white-T: 7 Looks with My White-T--Men's Edition

#1: Day Time

The Idea: In the day, you want to look cute, and maybe a little flirty.

How to achieve this look

  • Don't be afraid to wear a floral pattern somewhere
  • Wear a lighter shade of denim
  • Go light on the accessories
  • Wear lighter, softer makeup

The Shirt: Deliah's
Jacket: American Eagle
Shorts: American Eagle
Shoes: Kohl's
Bangles: Dominican Republic
Necklace: Juicy

2: Night Time

The Idea: Now in the night time, baby, you wanna look sexy!

How to achieve this look

  • Simpler is actually better
  • Tight, tight, tight jeans--seriously!
  • Your best heels
  • Elaborate accesories
  • More dramatic makeup (heavier eyes and darker lips)

Pants: Gallo
Shoes: Baker's
Purse: Coach
Custom Necklace: Biloxi Bleau by Yvon Dion

#3 First Date

The idea: You gotta look both cute and sexy and approachable--but not desperate!

How to achieve this look

  • Mix your day and night time looks
  • Don't wear hooker heels!
  • Wear something to cover your arms a little
  • Darker eye makeup, but pink or neutral lips
  • Wear only ONE impressive piece of jewelry

Shrug: Kohl's

#4: Edgy

The Idea: You wanna look like a serious bad mamma, who ain't gonna take no shit!--And you probably ride a motorcycle too!

How to achieve this look

  • Got anything leather?
  • Tight dark pants
  • Hooker heels!
  • Anything studded or metalic is a must
  • Cool ass dark shades
  • The darker the lip the better
  • Maybe even throw in a fingerless glove

Jacket: Rainbow
Purse: Payless
Shades: Rainbow
Fingerless Glove: Claire's


#5: Classy


The Idea: You're want to look like you don't get into some crazy shit every weekend. *Wink* Understood.

How to achieve this look

  • Lighter is always better
  • Wear something wholesome, like a cardigan
  • Pearls... I'm serious!
  • Wear a clutch
  • Wear that sultry hair up in a church bun for today
  • Nothing but pinks and neutrals for makeup

PS: This look is really boring--but hey! You're the one who said you wanted to look 110% guilt free!

Cardigan: Rave
Clutch: Coach
Pearls: Claire's
Heels: Kohl's
Heart Necklace: JC Penny's

#6: Beach

The idea: Pretty self explanatory, eh?


How to achieve this look

  • Um, wear your bathing suit
  • Wear lighter clothing
  • No mascara!!! There is nothing cute about looking like your crying black blood
  • Throw on some sassy wrist bands with catchy sayings like, "I <3 tattooed boys"
Shorts: American Eagle
Wrist Bands: Hot Topic

#7: Older

The idea: You're either tryna sneek in the club, or you have a collge interview--either, you need to bring structure to your wardrobe

How to achieve this look

  • Mimic the business suit (A nice pinstriped blazer is a must!)
  • Simple black high heels (Apparently taller = older, which is why I look 12)
  • Very clean makeup (No raccoon eyes!)
  • A simple necklace that sits closer to your neck than your cleavage!

Blazer: Rave Girl

#8 Younger

The idea: You want to look trendy and hip and not like you should be sporting your busted orthopedics.

How to achieve this Look

  • Study the current trends and run with it
  • Mix up the genders (Wear suspenders with a skirt)
  • Expose a little more skin than usual--but hey! Keep it classy
  • Wear a flower somewhere
  • Wear your hair down!
  • Go easy on the makeup, wear a rosy lip and blush

Skirt: Rave Girl
Flower Bracelet: Claire's
Suspenders: Claire's
Jacket: Forever Young
Shoes: Fioni

Didn't I tell you that ole white-T would come in handy, well it's more of a tank top really...

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Photographer: Portia D.
Makeup Artist: LizBeth
Makeup: Neutrogena, LA Colors, Urban Decay

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  1. LOVE this post! You can never run out of things to wear if you always know how to transform a basic white tee. Great tips!

    1. Thanks girl! And if you have a tired old infinity scarf lying around, we have a post that shows 11 ways to wear it :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jhon! Have you checked out or other innovative DIY's?


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