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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just For MEN!!!

Sorry ladies, but we've dedicated our time to helping the guys!!!

We present: Guy Tips from Derris Montgomery


#1 Roll Up Your Sleeves

Jacket: Rex
Shirt: Wal Mart
Jeans: American Eagle
Scarf: Rainbow
Belt: Steve and Barry's

DERRIS SAYS, "Rolling up my sleeves makes my forearms look and feel more muscular and defined.

We agree, and it's a much sexier, more rugged look ;)

#2 Accessories?

Owl Necklace: Vendor (Baltimore)
Vest: Filene's Basement
Watch: Aflac

DERRIS SAYS, "Accessories changes my seemingly ordinary outfits into well put together pieces.

WE SAY, "Hell yes! Accessories aren't just for the ladies anymore. There's nothing better than a man who has the confidence to complete his outfit with the perfect vest, watch, or necklace."

#3: Tailoring

Pants: Express
Shoes: Stacy Adams

Take your pants from baggy to fitted.

DERRIS SAYS," It's an inexpensive way to fit my clothes to me, and when clothes fit, they look their best.

WE SAY, "You should definitely do this with the dress pants you love the most. Make them a little skinner on your thigh, calf, and ankle and ROLL THEM UP at the bottom. You'll get a lot more turned heads.


#1: How to Roll Your Cuff

Step One: Flip the cuff up once.

 Step Two: Pull the sleeve up your arm

 Step Three: Roll the cuff until it looks like this.

#2 Ties

 Tie: Banana Republic

Here's a trick for when the skinny part of your tie sticks out.

Stuff it into the top part of your shirt. No one will ever know!


Photographer: Portia D.
Makeup Artist: Derris Montgomery
Makeup: Mary Kay, LA Colors

What'd you think guys? Helpful. Tell us with a comment or +1 the page!


  1. This is really helpful and relevant. Guys need to know what's okay in fashion too!

    1. Thank you! Have you checked out or newest men's fashion advice?



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