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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Because YOU requested... The Toilet Paper Gown

Portia D.'s good friend was getting married last Thursday. At the bachelorette party, Portia D. found herself in the middle of the toilet paper contest.

She WON!

With this...

Everything is made from toilet paper, see!

Even the necklace!

The next day, she wore it as a skirt by just getting rid of the top. Cute as hell!

Top: Rue 21
Shoes: Fioni
Bracelet: (China)

What should we make a dress out of NEXT?

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Photographer: Derris Montgomery
Makeup Artist: Portia D.
Makeup: Mary Kay, LA Colors, Big Fatty Mascara

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  1. very nice , she did a good job wow

    1. Thanks so much Billie! If you see at the bottom of the post, I also made a dress out of junk mail! What other materials do you think would make a cool outfit?


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