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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Red--Part One and Two

So this is where shit. Gets. REAL.

Precursor: When you read this, imagine a thin 55 year old Italian man saying every line.

PART ONE: The Girl and The Infinite Forest

Her name was Cinderella, but some teased her and called her Goldilocks--hey she's not even blonde but, whateva.

LizBeth as Cinderella

Custom Top: "Revelations by Portia D.
Undershirt: Deliah's
Skirt: Leg Avenue
Leggings: Rainbow
Shoes: Bakers
Belt: Rue 21
Custom Necklace: Biloxi Bleau by Yvon Dion

Either way, blonde or brunette, she was incredibly beautiful, eh. Don't you agree?

Look at that body--and the faaace, ahhhh, absolutely divine.

Portia D. as Red

Custom Dress: "Revelations by Portia D.
Custom Hood: Portia D.
Shoes: Alloy
Bracelet: Claire's
Belt: Rue 21

Oh look, it's Red--isn't this forest just full of beautiful creatures?

This gorgeous girl Red thought she had a wolf following her. 

Oh how unfortunate,eh?

But she could just be loopy from all the alcohol she just had.

Oh look at that, they can't stand each other.

It's like a medieval cat fight how they stand there like that.

So, then Cinderella and Red go their separate ways...

Well not much happened besides our seeing two beautiful girls in a forest (hey, every man--or women's--dream), but there was nothing lesbian or fun like that but... okay.

PART 2: Hansel and Red

Look at this boy, eh. Hey, he's so sexy!

Look how sensual, eh. He's offering more than just a stroll in the woods....

Derris Montgomery as Hansel

Pants: H&M
Boots: Bare Feet
Gloves: Rue 21
Custom Necklace: Ethiopia

He's so dreamy and beautiful... you know him, of course he is the wonderful, Hansel.

And he's got his beautiful eyes on Red.

But she's a smart girl, eh.

She doesn't listen to his cheap talk...

but maybe it's he who should watch out for her...

You can never trust a woman that sexy.

And look, just as she's about to drug Hansel...

Poor Cinderella comes screaming around the corner!

What the hell happens next, well--click here


Primary Photographer: David Beadenkopf
Secondary Photographer: Portia D.
Makeup Artist: Portia D.
Makeup: Mary Kay, Neutrogena, Urban Decay, LA Colors, NYX, Mac 

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  1. I am so proud of you guys keep it up!

    1. Thanks mommy! You know we're tryna bring it up to that next level! haha

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    1. Thank you India! We really appreciate that! We have new posts out now for the winter. Let us know what you think


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