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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Of the Dolls: Directed by David Beadenkopf and Yvon Dion

Once upon a country day, there were three little dolls, first time entering our real world.

Starring: Derris Montgomery as Rye
"The Rugby Doll 1--Male--Ethnic"

Top: American Eagle
Pants: H&M
Shoes: 21 Men
Belt: Steve and Barry's
Gloves: Rue 21

Starring: LizBeth as Rain
"The Rugby Doll--Female 1"

Top: Kohl’s
Shorts: Kohl’s
Jacket: Rue 21
Custom Scarf: "Revelations" by Portia D.
Socks: Shops at Avenue North (Philadelphia)
Shoes: Marshall’s

Portia D. as Nani
"The Rugby Doll--Female 2--Ethnic"

Romper: Rainbow
Jacket: Rue 21
Custom Scarf: "Revelations" by Portia D.
Shoes: Rue 21
Gloves: Rue 21
Socks: Shops at Avenue North (Philadelphia)

And for this one day, they were infused with life.

But these earthly emotions were something they didn't understand

So Rye, Rain, and Nani went back to what they knew, playing their roles.

Top: Kohl’s
Shorts: American Eagle
Custom Vest: "Revelations" by Portia D.
Shoes: Baker
Heart Necklace: JC Penny

Top: Izzue (Hong Kong)
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Stacy Adams
Scarf: Rave
Vest: Heritage 1981

Nani knew not to trust their new freedom.

Top: Rue 21
Sweater: American Eagle
Custom Shorts: "Revelations" by Portia D.
scarf: Rue 21
Heels: Party City
Socks: Shops at Avenue North (Philadelphia)

They became gluttons for this world and its emotions.

They tried forcing Nani to join their escape, 
away from the mental madness

Cardigan: American Eagle
Vest: Heritage 1981
Scarf: Baltimore
Pants: 21 Men
Boots: Bare Feet

Top: (scarf) Philadelphia
Skirt: Rave Girl
Cardigan: 21 Men

Heels: Baker
Scarf: Banana Republic
Necklace: Vendor (Baltimore)
Socks: Target

Custom Dress: "Revelations" by Portia D.
Custom Holster: "Revelations" by Portia D.
Boots: Bare Feet
Bracelet: Philadelphia

Slowly, they begun to see that it was destroying them.

They weren't sure of what would happen at the day's end...

Top: Hot Topic
Pants: H&M
Vest: Rainbow
Scarf: Rainbow
Boots: Bare Feet
Custom Necklace: Ethiopia

Top: American Eagle
Jacket: American Eagle
Skirt: Rave Girl
Stockings: Target
Shoes: Marshall’s
Glove: Claire’s
Custom Bracelet: Biloxi Bleau by Yvon Dion
Heart Necklace: JC Penny

Thought it didn't matter...

Because they had each other.

But they finally know what will happened when the sun goes down.

Sweater: Vintage Values (Thrift Store)
Top: Rue 21
Shorts: Rue 21
Leggings: Rue 21
Leg Warmers: Philadelphia
Sock: DSW
Arm Sleeve: Philadelphia
Boots: Bare Feet
Custom Bracelets: Biloxi Bleau by Yvon Dion
Necklaces: Beauty Supply Store

So they spent their time together, 
remembering what it'd felt like to live

One by one they went to sleep...

...Until Nani was left...

...To watch her first and final sunset.


Primary Photographer: David Beadenkopf
Guest Photographer: Yvon Dion
Hair and Makeup Artist: Portia D.
Makeup: Mac, NYX, Mary Kay, Neutrogena

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