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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

11 Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf! (Surprising)

Because of economic downfall and her family being committed to an asylum, Bea Dreary now has nothing but a tank, daisy dukes and a circle scarf!

With the help of her new lesbian lover, Bea discovers 11 different ways that scarves are no longer just for necks!

1. Monday's look--The Bodice

LizBeth returns as Bea Dreary

Made by double tying the scarf around her body.

2. Tuesday's Look--The Mini dress

Double tied around her body then pulled down. Then it was adjusted to her body.

3. Wednesday's Look--The Pencil Skirt. Bea had an interview with McDonald's. GOOD LUCK!

Double tied then pulled down to her hips.

4. Thursday's Look: The Belted Tunic. Bea has found a belt!

She put on the scarf like she was wearing a jacket and covered her breasts. Then placed the scarf up like a hood and belted around her waist.

5. Friday's Look: The Shrug 1: At the Beach

She placed the scarf once on her body, twisted an arm hole to put her arm through, then twisted another arm hole.

6. Saturday's Look: The Shrug 2: At the Beach, Day 2

Instead of twisting two arm holes, she put the extra fabric over her arm.

7. Sunday's Look: The Shrug 3: At the Beach, Day 3

She placed the scarf loosely on her body, then twisted a neck hole and placed her head through. She adjusted to cover her breasts.

8. Monday's Look: The Flowing Dress

She let the scarf hang loosely on her body, pulled out completely, then folded the extra fabric in front until it fit. This created ruffles. Then she belted it.

9. Tuesday's Look: The Halter Dress, for her date!

She placed the scarf loosely over her body, belted at the small of the waist. Then she tied the top parts around her neck in a halter. 

10. Wednesday's Look: The Flowing Skirt

The scarf hung loosely and pulled out around her body, then belted at the waist. Then she laid the extra fabric down to create an extra layer of skirt.

That belt really comes in handy!

11. Thursday's Look: The Cardigan

She put the scarf loosely on her body, then placed the front behind her head and adjusted until the scarf looked like a cape in the back.

Tank: Kohls
Shorts: American Eagle
Scarf: Philadelphia
Belt: Tex by Max Azria

What other looks can YOU do with a scarf? Let us know below!


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Photographer: Portia D.
Makeup Artist: LizBeth
Makeup: Neutrogena, NYX, Big Fatty Mascara


  1. Thanks for sharing! You’ve shared so many different ways of wearing a scarf, and just like this blog said, infinity scarf is not only for the neck but also for the body. It is good to see this site because it showed many different ways of wearing an infinity scarf in a unique way. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much for commenting! We love finding multi-purposes for all things style related because, lets face it, looking good can be expensive! We love showing people how they can get more for their dollar :) Have you seen our post "7 Looks with your White-T"?


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