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Thursday, July 7, 2011

6 Subtle Signs to being a HIPSTER: The Shrug--Part One

Part One of Hipsterology: The Shrug.

The shrug is more than a shrug, it's the shrug to society.

We've tried hard to find those Six SUBTLE things about Hipsters that say, "I don't care," (when you really do, soooo much)

1. The Grandpa Sweater

Note the hipster filter! Made available by pixlr-o-matic

There's almost nothing more Hipster than The Gramp Sweater. 

It says "I don't care if my sweater's ugly and twice as big," because the uglier the better! More power to you. 

We guess the Gramp Sweater attracts the Hipster because it harkens back to a time when your mother would dress you. And everyone knows old people don't give a fuck!

2. The Tank

The Hipster's have borrowed The Tank from gangsters and B-boys because the tank top is traditionally used as an undergarment... and nothing says "Who gives a fuck," better than wearing your underwear outside.

But you must admit, It's perfect summer wear.

3. The Attitude

"I don't even care if my picture's being taken." But for the record, you look great.

The best way to shrug to society, is to actually shrug. And pose in the most casual place imaginable: The Bathroom

4. Asymmetry

Everyone knows that symmetry requires energy like with boob jobs and eye contacts.

Though we don't mind the new partially shaved head fad. Actually kinda cute.

5. Awkwardness

Openly being awkward says that to the world that you don't care about conforming. It takes a lot of courage not to crack under peer pressure.

6: Alterations

What we love about Hipsters most is their ability to innovate. 

We imagine this says, "Why would I wanna buy a necklace when I have this PS2 controller right here, already with a chain?" 

We're actually quite impressed and might start wearing controllers around our necks, even though everything has gone wireless.

 Yes, this is actually a PS2 controller

We will continue to dig deep into The Hipster Mindset, to unlock the key to all that is Hip!

Don't you wanna be cool?

Derris Montgomery as Hipster 1

Tank: Izzue (Hong Kong)
Gray Shirt: 21 Men
Sweater: Vintage Values (Thrift Store)
Customized Shorts: American Eagle
Shades: Rainbow
Belt: Rave
Shoes: 21 Men

Portia D. as Hipster 2

Top: Rue 21
Vest: Rainbow
Skirt: Rave Girl
Shoes: Rue 21
Suspenders: Rue 21

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Primary Photographer: Portia D.
Secondary Photographer: Derris Montgomery
Makeup Artist: Portia D.
Makeup: LA Colors, Mac, NYX, Mary Kay



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