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Thursday, July 14, 2011

M. Jackson Po--Court Hearing Fiasco!

This Thursday, M. Jackson of the teenage robot pop group had his first court hearing.

To see how it all started, click here: M. Jackson Arrested?

She once again tried to flee the scene!

But she was quickly caught.

LizBeth as Judge Jillian Jones Jr.

Dress: Scoop
Shoes: Fioni

Judge Jillian Jones Jr. ruled M. Jackson Po guilty of all her charges.

Derris Montgomery as Officer Killings
Shirt: The Gap
Tie: Banana Republic
Pants: 21 Men
Shoes: Stacy Adams
Hat: (State Issued)
Belt: Target

She will serve five hours in celebrity prison.

 Portia D. as M. Jackson

Shirt: Pac Sun
Vest: Rue 21
Skirt: Rave Girl
Tie: Banana Republic
Shoes: Rue 21

Our very own Monica of Channel 4 news asked M. Jackson what she thought of her sentence.

M. Jackson said and quote "Who gives a fuck, wanka! And I will not give you my autograph."

Judge Jillian Jones Jr. has ruled in other celebrity cases such as with Lindsey Lohan, Lil Kim, and Lil Wayne.

Officer Killings was forced to restrain and tase M. Jackson 13 times during the court hearing and trial.

"They'll be buying my album in jail. Ain't no thang."

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Guest Photographer: Yvon Dion
Secondary Photographer: Portia D.
Makeup Artist: Portia D. and LizBeth
Makeup: NYX Cosmetics, Mary Kay, LA Colors, Mac, Neutrogena

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