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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Red--Parts 3,4 and 5

To see the beginning, here: Red, Part 1 and 2

So where were we? Ah, yes!

So you met the beautiful Cinderella and the sexy, mysterious Red Riding Hood and the sensual Hansel. They're all in the forest together, not having an orgy or doing anything fun and exotic like that, but let's see what happens NEXT.

Do you remember this picture?

If you don't remember well... here's the link Red: Parts 1 and 2

Basically, while Hansel (the smooth lover that he is) is trying to seduce Red (while she is also trying to poison him) all of a sudden, Cinderella comes screaming around the corner, hysterical.

Sooooo, that's where we are--no orgies, or lesbian loving in the woods, but...we'll see.

Part 3

Here's what really happened to Cinderella....

 LizBeth as Cinderella

For clothing details: Red--Part 1 and 2

She was getting very hungry--hey you have to feed that beautiful body, so she found a house in the woods...

(Not very smart but...)

No one was inside.

Look at that, eh. Like a sensual majestic deer caught in head lights.

What a jewel, so frail, especially since her step mother starves her,

The first bowl was was too hot...

the second too cold...

the third one was okay though

Look at that slumbering figure, it's like she's posed. Look at that delicate detail of the red on the fingernails!

so she tried the same thing with the beds

First one was too hard

Second one too damned soft

Third one...she was knocked the fuck out.

She awoke to this:

 Derris Montgomery as Father Bear
Portia D. as Mother Bear
Yvon Dion as Son Bear

So frightening yet so fierce and beautiful!  

Yvon Dion: Top: Rue 21
Jacket: Rave
Glove: Claire's
Custom Scarf: "Revelations" by Portia D.
Suspenders: Burlington Coat Factory
Belt: Rave

Derris Mongtomery: Top: Jack Jones
Pants: 21 Men

Portia D. Top: Rainbow
Skirt: Rave Girl

Three bears who wanted to eat her up, (hey, maybe in a sensual way, you never know,eh!)

As you can imagine, she was so frightened, but the baby bear, ahhhh, how divine was her face, eh?

But she got the hell out of there!

Thus bringing us to this photo of her and the lovely though tipsy, Red.

Part 4: Hansel and Gretel and The Wolf

 Yvon Dion as Gretel
Derris Montgomery as Hansel

So lovely they are, like sensual Dutch twin circus performers. Very limber.

Yvon Dion: Dress: Leg Avenue
Thigh Highs: Leg Avenue
Gloves: Claire's
Bracelet: Claire's

Derris Mongtomery: Red--Part 1 and 2
Jacket: Heritage 21

Gretel has finally regained her strength after her vision.

Then the White Wolf comes,

and tries to seduce her.

 Portia D. as The Wolf

Ah finally we see a little lesbianism, eh?

Dress: Rue 21

But then the White Wolf spots Red, who she really wants,

and chases her down.

Who's under the hood if Portia D. is the White Wolf and Red? So mysterious they are!

Red's like, "This is weird as shit,

why can this wolf talk?"

And The Wolf's like, "Magic, you know, from The Witch and stuff,"

And so then he's like,"Do you know The Witch."

And she like, ", mind ya business."

Part 5: In the Kitchen With Love

LizBeth as The Witch

Is anyone else loving the red and black color scheme?!
And the look on her face, diviiiiine! So sassy.
Corset: Heirloom
Leggings: Rainbow
Cloak: Scoop

But it turns out,

Red knows The Witch,

very well...

And they're plotting together!

PS, look at those legs, eh?

Also if you didn't catch the first part, here it is once again Red: Parts 1 and 2

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More of us being stupid:

  • Credits:

    Primary Photographers: LizBeth and Portia D.
    Secondary Photographer: Yvon Dion
    Makeup Artists: Portia D., Yvon Dion, and LizBeth
    Makeup: LA Colors, Mac, Absolute, Neutrogena, NYX, Big Fatty Mascara

    Sooo, we were beginning to see something fun and deviant and lesbian, but what do you think? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter... or leave us a comment here, right there at the bottom of this page. 

    Thank you, lovers.

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