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Monday, July 18, 2011

Young Adult Wolf

Young Adult Wolf, revealing that life outside of college is just as stressful as being a werewolf.

This Week on Young Adult Wolf...

Sty and Ty must uncover why the mysterious supervisor wants Ty to join her office.

Ty doesn't want to change offices,

but in the meantime, several workers have been "laid off".

The aggressive senior partner wolf Derida pleads with Ty to receive training,

so that she won't crack one day,

and hurt someone

Too late. 

But good thing Sty didn't charge for workplace violence.

Portia D. as Ty, the overemotional young adult wolf who just wants a normal office job though she wouldn't have anything she's worshiping if she wasn't a wolf.

"I just got this job! Minimum wage! Everything in my life is perfect, why do you wanna screw it up?"

Shirt: Rue 21
Sweater Vest: Vintage Values (Thrift Store)
Pants: Rue 21
Tie: Banana Republic
Shoes: Fioni

Derris Montgomery as Sty, the comic relief best friend who's surprisingly okay with everything supernatural and has all the answers.

Shirt: Abercrombie and Fitch
Pants: Express
Scarf: Vintage Values (Thrift Store)
Suspenders: Hot Topic
 Shoes: Stacy Adams

and LizBeth as Derida, the wolf who really has all the answers, but wants to draw the show out for a few more episodes....

So she only speaks in Spanish and takes her shirt off every fifteen minutes.

Dress (Scarf): Philadelphia
Jacket: Rave Girl
Shoes: Bakers

To see that awesome dress was made from a scarf, click this link: How to Train Your Scarf-- in 11 Different Ways!

How long can Ty stand without switching to the other side???

Tune in next time on...
 Young Adult Wolf!

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Photographers: LizBeth, Derris Montgomery, Portia D. and Ryan Rix
Makeup Artist: Portia D. and LizBeth
Makeup: Mary Kay, NYX, LA Colors

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