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Friday, July 29, 2011

Just for TEENS!!!

LizBeth of Deporian brings the tips just for the TEENS out there!

#1 Don't go too HEAVY on the eyeliner!

Often teens wear too much eye liner, making them look like raccoons. Just wear enough to make the eyes pop!

Also, apply mostly to the INSIDE area of the lid and not the OUTSIDE under the lash line!

#2 Concealer/Foundation

The trick to concealers and foundation is to find the right brand that isn't thick or oily because you'll BREAK OUT! 

Then apply just enough to cover the surface of the skin. Make sure to get under the chin and ears!

We recommend Mary Kay, Neutrogena, and Dream Matte Mousse

RULE of Deporian: Go a DARKER shade in the summer because of tanning. Go a LIGHTER shade in the winter because of loss of tan.

#3 Bronzer

Most teens don't use bronzer, but trust me, make it your best friend! You'll look 10xs healthier and people will notice!

#4 Lip gloss!

RULE of Deporian: Don't go too shiny! Stick with your lip tone if your can or CLEAR.

#5 Go BOLD

Top: Deliah's
Shorts: American Eagle
Necklace: Beauty Supply Store
Bangles: Dominican Republic

Have at least one BOLD item in your closet, like bold stripes, colors, patterns or shapes.

#6 Inspiration

LizBeth goes to Seventeen Magazine and Teen Vogue for inspiration on makeup, hair, and clothes

Top: Kohl's


Photographer: Portia D.

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