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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4 (More) Subtle Signs to Being a HIPSTER

By VIEWER'S CHOICE, this is HIPSTEROLOGY, bringing your the SUBTLE SIGNS exhibited by the HIPSTER. 

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Hipsterology Dictionary

The Shrug: Most Hipster's like to appear nonchalant, or plainly speaking, like they don't give a fuck.

And here's four more ways how...

#1: The Drape

Hipster FIlter brought to you by

"I don't really care, I mean, half of my clothes are falling off me."
Portia D. as Hipster #1

Button Up: Pac Sun
Tank: Rue 21
Skirt: Rave Girl
Shoes: Rue 21
Bracelet: Vendor (Baltimore)
Shades: Rainbow

The Drape embodies the tradition of letting a material fall where it may. Now, what better way to seem casual than to let your semi unbuttoned shirt just fall gracefully across your shoulder?

#2: Character: aka Old As Shit (oas)

Shoes: Heirloom

By being oas, certain items begin to have a 
history, they tell the tale of past feats and explorations, which has Hipsters and Rock Stars drooling. And that's where Hipster's love of everything VINTAGE derives. 

Hey, even we're fans of the oas Chuck Taylor's.

#3 Androgyny

Jacket: Rave Girl
Tank: Rue 21
Pants: Dillard's
Necklace: Rue 21
Shoes: Payless
Bracelet: (China)

From what we've studied, Hipster's don't necessarily desire to be unisex or androgynous, but rather to go against gender conformity. 

Doesn't matter if a suit jacket is "made" for a man and skinny jeans for a woman. If it looks good--it looks good!

#4 Horizontal Stripes

Guest Staring: Yvon Dion as Hipster #2

Shirt: Rave Girl
Shorts: Shoe City
Socks: DSW
Shoes: She Depot
Necklace: Claire's
Headband: Claire's
Shades: Beauty Supply Store

How long has EVERYONE said that horizontal stripes are a "no no"...? Well, as long as we've been born, yet this pattern, (and plaid) dominates the Hipster wardrobe. 

The reason... idk, we're guessing a genuine disregard for the rule.

But hey, we like it!

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And we know you wanna be cool!


Photographers: Derris Montgomery and Portia D.

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